Monday, August 22, 2011

My Take on Marshall Firing

Monday Morning Editorial....


He'll be getting paid through the 2013 season, even if he doesn't lift another finger.

Greg Marshall was fired as Coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday, after his team got off to a 1-and-7 start this CFL season. And, aside from collecting a heavy pay cheque as his 3-year contract continues, you know Marshall's in a tough place right now.

In any CFL market, he still has his job right now. But in Saskatchewan, the pressure cooker, the fans demand results, and the Riders have raised the bar over the last few years, and we're not happy if they don't keep it there, year after year. That's funny, because 10 years ago, we'd KILL to have a competitive stretch like the Riders are having, even with the odd struggling season sprinkled in.

Now was Greg Marshall THE problem?

My view on coaches is that you're doing your job if you're getting the best out of your group. Well... this Rider team appeared in 3 of the last 4 Grey Cups... and granted, some key pieces, even from last year's team, are missing. But... this should not be a 1-and-7 team... and if a team's not playing up to its potentional... then they're not laying it on the line... they're not motivated enough.

Marshall says it's not his job to motivate... that players need to motivate themselves. There's a place for quiet, calm coaches, but I like a coach who'll get animated a little. John Tortorella, Jamie Fiesel... Roby Sharpe! Guys like that!

The Riders needed a kick in the pants, and it never seemed like Marshall was there to light that fire.

I'm not so sure it's not too late for this year... but Ken Miller absolutely got the most out of the Riders from 2008-2010... but he's got a big hole to dig the 2011 Riders out of before they can even THINK about a trip to Vancouver in November.

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Anonymous said...

Forget about football and think hockey, the Riders are finished. It doesnt matter whos coaching them. When you dont have the talent you aint going to win many games, ie missing a 26 yard field goal, point proven.