Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Full Week of August

- As one of my elderly neighbours said to me today, "I think this is summer's last hurrah!" For those who play, coach, manage, or broadcast hockey... that's so true. Not only because we're seeing temperatures in the 30's again, but because by the end of next week, it'll be all out hockey mode, and that's the way most of us like it! Personally, as much as I always look forward to it, this summer was/is awesome. My daugther's 15 months and running around like crazy, and that makes afternoons in the backyard a real treat, and something I'll miss dearly starting a month from now.

- My role at the radio station isn't changing one bit, but some of the things I'm doing on the side are. First off, I'm stepping aside from hosting "Inside The MJHL." I took turns hosting the show with Voice of the Dauphin Kings Kevin Jeffrey. Kevin's no longer in Dauphin, and I've added a few things to my plate. No firm word yet if someone else will be picking it up or not. If they do, I'll certainly keep contributing any Swan Valley/Wayway news I can.

- A few things new to me this season will include: Assisting in the SJHL Communications Department. I'll be doing some part-time writing for, including nightly recaps, and some press releases. I mentioned a while back that I'm also managing the websites for both the Yorkton Terriers and Swan Valley Stampeders. The story writing is second-nature, but I'm struggling a little with other things like graphics, etc. Trying to teach myself! It also looks like I'll be contributing to a weekly junior hockey online magazine that's being produced out of Manitoba.

- Starting today, my plan is to do a "Terriers This Week" blurb on the Terriers' site. Today's is kinda boring, being a couple of weeks away from camp, but I touch on the upcoming Golf Tournament on Thursday, and the Season Ticket Blitz on Friday. The page also links to this blog's Coach's Shows page, which kicked off a new season today with a chat with Trent Cassan. Tuesday is normally Wayway's day... but it sounded like their show won't start until at least next week... while Melville (Wednesday) and Swan Valley (Thursday) are both sold for this week. So Feez and Dwayne... expect my call!

- With the new way I post audio (Sound Cloud), I can log in to my account and see how may people actually click and listen. Most of them average somewhere between 40 and 60. Clarke Breitkreuz's interview about trying out in Germany was the highest, 109 right now... but the recent audio posted with new Yorkton Harvest Coach Jeff Odgers, has doubled that total, at 218! I hope the Harvest brass is happy to see that... looks like there are a lot of people excited about Odgers running that bench this coming SMAAAHL season.

- Aside from catching up with the local Junior Hockey Coaches this week.... I plan to get digging on High School Football. I've already had YRHS Coach Roby Sharpe and Bantam Raiders Coach Lance Stilborn on the air... but it's time to track down some local 9-man and 6-man coaches too. Speaking of 9-Man, there was a massive realignment of conferences, which has Lumsden and Fort Qu'Appelle out of Conference 3, and into Conference 2, Foam Lake joining Conferene 3, and Wynyard going down to 6-Man. Darren Dupont posted the changes on .

- Enjoy this weather everyone! Soon summer holidays will become a distant memory, and that's not so bad, is it?

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Anonymous said...

Gonna be a big year for the Harvest. I can smell it.