Friday, August 19, 2011

Chez Talks Riders/Coaches

I had a phone conversation with Terrier GM Don Chesney this morning. Most of it revolved around the Riders actually, and he asked, "What's the problem?" I jokingly said, "Well the coach obviously, it's always the Coach," knowing he'd love that answer. Here's what he had to say (off the record, but I don't think he'll mind):

"Serious question, really and truly what percentage out of 100, should go to the coach on the success or failure of his team? You follow all these teams around. Now, if you have the top scorer in the league, and the MVP goalie, well, those hummers are gonna get 49 points each, so that's like 99.9 (math is questionable), and the Trainer gets half a point, and the radio announcer. That's when things are goin good, but when they're goin bad, it's always the Coach!"
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