Friday, July 29, 2011

Cardinals WON'T Go To Edmonton; Season Over

After an 8-2 win in Weyburn to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Yorkton Cardinals have decided against going to Edmonton for a makeup doubleheader. Coach Bill Sobkow says there's a long list of factors that led to their decision.

Bill-sobkow-July29 by cstein14


Clansman2112 said...

There is a part of me that is disappointed this won't happen but the reasoning behind the decision makes sense.

I think Bill Sobkow is happy just to put this season to rest and hopefully build on next year.

Clansman2112 said... you know if the Cardinals have any kind of windup or anything like that???

Anonymous said...

if they don't go, they should lose membership in the league. You don't play, you don't stay. Bush move regardless of the reasons. It's not pee wee house league hockey.

Craig Stein said...

Its not like these were scheduled games. They were makeup games that typically aren't made up between East and West opponents. Yorkton wanted to play them more than Edmonton did.

Turns out they're VERY lucky they didn't play. Weyburns last game was rained out which would have given them the best winning percentage even if the Cards swept the double header.

Anonymous said...

To the 3rd person who posted.

You give them the 10 grand or so it costs for the bus rental and hotel rooms, not to mention meal money for their SECOND trip to Edmonton, then they would have went.

It would have been pointless because they'd have been in a huge hole financially if they made the trip.

And lets be honest, the team wasn't good enough to win the playoffs anyway.

Grow a brain.