Monday, April 30, 2012


Darian Durant was the keynote speaker for the 6th Annual Football Night in Saskatchewan on Saturday at St. Mary's Cultural Centre in Yorkton.

Durant followed the likes of Kent Austin, Ken Miller, George Reed, Weston Dressler and Wes Cates, in speaking at the annual sold-out event.

Some of Durant's quotes from his speech included:

"This might sound selfish to some extent, but I haven't worn my 2007 Grey Cup Ring one time.  I was the third string quarterback, and when you're not playing, you don't REALLY feel part of a championship.  It's my goal to bring another Grey Cup to Saskatchewan as the starting quarterback, and not being satisfied with the '07 Championship just drives me that much more to get another one."

"I nearly gave up football in 2006.  I started out as the fourth string quarterback, I was active one week, practice roster the next.  I ended up third string, Marcus Crandell got hurt, Steven Jyles got hurt, I came in, won some games, then I broke my ribs.  They brought in Michael Bishop, and I assumed I'd have my job back when I got healthy, but they decided to stick with Michael Bishop.  As an athlete, that's one way you absolutely hate to lose your job is by injury."

"I'm so happy to have a contract extension.  Best fans in the land.  This is the best place to play in the CFL, hands down."

"I was told I was too small.  When I was released by the Baltimore Ravens, Coach Brian Billick told me I was too small to play the QB position in the NFL."

"After these mini-camps this week, I really feel like we're going to be the best team in the league again this season.  Last year was tough, but it might have been what we needed to get back to the top."

I had a brief chat with Darian at the end of the night:

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