Friday, January 27, 2012


Don't think I've ever posted audio from a penalty kill, but this one was different!

I believe 5 shot blocks... 2 by Connor Lowe-Wylde, 2 by Bob Pond, and one by Allen Kilback, who cleared the puck down the ice as the penalty came to an end.

What a job by Lowe-Wylde, Kilback, Pond, and Tyler Bird, who were forced to stay out for a full 2-minute North Stars powerplay back on Tuesday night, and lay down in front of Brody Luhning and Woody Klassen bullets.

Lowe-Wylde (pictured) likely wouldn't have played the next day in Kindersley if the Mils had a full lineup, but being two forwards short already, he toughed it out, blocked a few more on the PK vs the Klippers.


Anonymous said...

connor lowe wylde is our best penalty killer by far. He blocks alot of shots and is willing to sacrifice his body for the good of the team

Anonymous said...

Connor is a great penalty killer....good job Connor..

Anonymous said...

Great job by the other three Mils who deserve just as much credit for a very good penalty kill.