Friday, December 9, 2011


Well, it's 3:50 AM and I'm at my desk, and will be for the next hour-ish. Just dumping some audio from the weekend, typing up Friday's local sports schedule, and writing/voicing a morning editorial (topic still to be determined).

But, doing all that now means I get to sleep in Friday morning, before heading to Fort Qu'Appelle for one more broadcast this week.

Saturday, my wife and I are hosting a small Christmas party, during the day with lots of little ones, and the Terriers host Notre Dame Saturday night... and it's TEDDY BEAR TOSS NIGHT.

Check out the Terrier website for more details on that.

Traveling with junior hockey, whether you're playing, coaching, or broadcasting, is a grind when you're rolling in at these hours, when it's freezing cold, but none of us would do it if we didn't love it. Hope you enjoyed the 9 part series "Terrier Travels!"

I'm back on the Terrier bus on Tuesday when they head to Notre Dame.

I'll leave you with Trent Cassan's Post Game Interview from North Battleford, a 4-3 OT loss.

Trent-post-bat by cstein14

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