Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The MJHL has announced the following punishments from the investigation into it's hazing investigation with the Neepawa Natives.

The Neepawa Natives hockey club have been fined $5000.00

Head Coach Bryant Perrier has been suspended for 2 games.

Assistant Coach Brad Biggers has been suspended for 5 games.

Team Captain Danil Kalashnikov has been suspended for 5 games.

Assistant Captains Richard Olson, Tyler Gaudry and Shane Harrington have been suspended 3 games.

A total of 12 other players have been suspended for a total of 1 game each.


I talked to Commissioner Davis, and he said the suspensions don't all take effect instatntly (for obvious roster reasons). The Natives will have to sit out a minimum of three players for each game, until all of the suspensions are served.


Anonymous said...

would anyone happen to know what exactly happened?

Joe said...

I'm curious myself...

Clansman 2112 said...

I don't think that Craig will let any of the details out here so it will be just word of mouth accounts on what happened.

I have heard a lot of hazing rituals that have taken place in the past but was told some of that stuff gets exaggerated to make it worse that it seems.

It's still a part of sports that I really don't like but it's just part of the culture.

Anonymous said...

CBC News
Posted: Oct 26, 2011 1:47 PM CT
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2011 2:16 PM CT

A young hockey player was forced to parade around the dressing room with water bottles tied to his genitals, the teen's parents alleged Wednesday in an effort to end hazing rituals in minor hockey.
The hockey association refused to provide details of what occurred in the hazing, but on Wednesday parents of one young player told CBC News their son was held down while a water bottle was tied to his scrotum. He was then forced to parade around the team dressing room three times.

Seven rookies in all were subjected to similar treament, they said. Players were rated on their ability to endure the ritual.

After the 15-year-old complained about the incident, he was forced to apologize to his teammates for going public and his coaches suggested he take some time off from playing. The parents said their son has already missed seven games — more than the players who are being punished for their role.

They added that while the entire family has faced criticism from within the community, they hope that by speaking out they will prevent similar future incidents.

The RCMP is investigating the incidents, which allegedly occurred in late September.