Monday, September 12, 2011

Sagen Re-Joining Mils

The Regina Pats have re-assigned 1993 F Michael Sagen to the Melville Millionaires.

The Mils acquired Sagen's SJHL rights from Kindersley at last year's deadline, and ended up sending Dayton Reinboldt to the Klippers in the off-season, completing the deal.

Sagen joined the Millionaires late last season, and put up 4 points in 12 regular season games, and one assist in 4 playoff contests.

The 6'1", 210 pound Kenaston product also gives the Mils some extra size and grit up front.


Klipperman said...

Unfortunately Rienboldt didn't report to Kindersley. He is in Sherwood Park, 6 points in 2 games.
Maybe Sagen should revert back to Kindersley. Or does anyone know if Kindersley were compensated in a another way?

Craig Stein said...

The deal, when it was made, was Sagen for a 'mutually agreed upon player in the off-season.'

So I'm guessing the Mils left 4 or 5 guys for the KK's to pick from, and they took Reinboldt... I would think they're stuck with him. They would still have his SJ rights if things didn't work out in the AJ. Sounds like good stats but it is Pre Season.

Anonymous said...

Reinboldts 6 points in 2 games are regular season stats

Craig Stein said...

Wow, didn't realize they'd started already.