Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cards Win in Weyburn; Playoffs Still in Reach

ND Gonzalez struck out 12 over eight innings of work, as the Yorkton Cardinals beat the Weyburn Beavers 8-2 on Thursday, keeping the Cardinals' playoff hopes alive.

James Green stole two bases on the night, giving him a WMBL record 36 on the season. Green went 2-for-4 with a walk, and 3 runs scored.

Talking to Coach Bill Sobkow today, he said if they won in Weyburn, they would discuss as a team and an organization about going to Edmonton to play a makeup double-header Friday, that they'd need to sweep in order to have a shot at the post season. It would cost a lot of money, and it could be all for not. They could go there and win both games, and still miss the playoffs, if Weyburn beats Moose Jaw on Friday.

I'll be in contact with Coach Sobkow first thing in the morning, and see if I can't find something out before then. The league also has to give the OK for this double header to happen. Typically, when games between East vs West division teams are rained out, they're not made up, due to travel. The games won't mean anything for Edmonton, as the Prospects are locked in the WMBL basement.


Clansman2112 said...

Wow!!! After all the pain we had to endure this season watching the Cards this year, they might get a playoff series???

I guess that little "Year End" party after last night's game might be a bit premature.

Craig Stein said...

Haha, not publishing your second comment, but... hilarious. And agree whole-heartedly.