Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Terriers Turn a Profit in 2010-2011

It was a much prettier picture than this time a year ago when the Yorkton Terriers held their Annual General Meeting.

In 2009-2010, after a run to the league finals which included 10 home playoff games, the Terriers lost over $100,000.

In 2010-2011, another trip to the SJHL final, with three fewer home playoff gates, ended up leading to a profit of $13,484.

President Lyle Walsh credited the Terrier staff with towing the line, and keeping a close eye on spending. Walsh noted that income is an issue with all junior hockey teams, and with rising expenses, the club should be commended for being in the black for the last fiscal year.

Walsh was elected President once again, and the entire executive looks very much the same as it did a year ago. Larry Wells remains on as Vice-President and Governor, Gerry Smysnuik as Treasurer, and Ward Brown as Secretary. All five incumbents who had their terms come up, all ran again and will remain on the board. The only new face is Kendra Sedley, who put her name forward. She was the 9th person to have her name in, meaning no election was needed, and the board will be at its 9-person capacity for this season. Sedley, I believe, is the first female on the executive since Lorna Kristjanson was last on, in the 2007-2008 season.

2011-2012 Yorkton Terrier Executive
Lyle Walsh (President) (2nd year, 2 year term)
Larry Wells (VP/Governor) (2nd yr, 2 yr term)
Gerry Smysnuik (Treasurer) (2nd yr, 2 yr term)
Dave Baron (1st year, 2 year term)
Ward Brown (1st year, 2 year term)
Doug Bullis (1st year, 2 year term)
Joe Milburn (1st year, 2 year term)
Ron Pasloski (1st year, 1 year term)
Kendra Sedley (1st year, 1 year term)

Key Numbers
$717,167 (Revenue last season)
$703,683 (Expenses last season)
$13,484 (2010-11 profit)
$170,507 (Fundrasing dollars, compared to $96,318 the year before)
$82,218 (Profit from Terrier Lotto, compared to $30,359 the year before)
$314,536 (Revenue from Terrier Lotto, before expenses)


President Lyle Walsh

AGM-Lyle by cstein14

GM/Marketing Don Chesney

AGM-Chez by cstein14

Vice-President Larry Wells talks about upcoming fundraiser with the Yorkton Exhibition

AGM-larry by cstein14

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