Thursday, June 2, 2011

Melnychuk Takes Over as Mils President

Dawn Melnychuk is the new President of the Melville Millionaires hockey club.


Anonymous said...

Reason #458 why Craig Stein is the Best Sports Guy in Yorkton...

This is a quote from Jeff Schneberk's article in the Yorkton This Week regarding the Richie Hall Golf Tournament..

"Also making the trip to Deer Park was... Brett Hopkins, Luke Mulinder, Carry Coke..."

Hey Jeff...I think you meant Brent Hawkins, Luc Mullinder, and Cary Koch."

How can a paid journalist in Saskatchewan mess up the first and last name of all 3 of these guys.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Jeff that takes 10 minute shifts in a rec hockey game where the rest of us are out for thity secs and are ready for BEER! Enough Said.

Anonymous said...

why not put that in the a letter to the editor section of paper not here, good for you Dawn you will do a great job