Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Are They Now?

(Greg Coburn- YOR, Dion Campbell- MVL, Stephan Vigier- SV, Sean Collins- WAY... all playing college/university at the highest level in Canada or the U.S.)

Here's a quick list of recent Yorkton, Melville, Swan Valley and Wayway grads who are in college or pro ranks, and how they're doing this season. It's pretty much off the top of my head so I'm sure I've missed some.

Yorkton Terriers
Derek Serdachny (Manhattanville NCAA Div III) 10GP (1g-1a)
Greg Coburn (Union NCAA Div III) 15GP (3g-4a-7p)
Jordan Menke (Wisonsin-Superior, NCAA III) 8GP (3a)
Jordan Zalba (Neumann- NCAA Div III) 11 GP (6g-5a)
Ryan Griffiths (Minnesota-St. Mary's, NCAA Div III) 5GP (0p)
Justin Giesbrecht (Briercrest, ACAC) 13GP (4g-3a)
Carter Smith (Bakersfield, ECHL) 22GP (6g-4a)

Melville Millionaires
Dion Campbell (Univ of New Brunswick, CIS) 11GP (4g-5a)
Matt Kinnunen (Columbus , SPHL) 14GP (5g-3a)
Levi Lind (Columbus, SPHL) 18GP (2g-5a)
Daniel Hope (Augustana, ACAC) 16GP (13g-21a-34p)
Curtis Beech (Mount Royal, ACAC) 9GP (0g-0a)
Michael Jordan (SAIT, ACAC) 6GP (3g-3a)
Austin Krahenbil (Ottawa, CIS)
Cody Gross (U of R, CIS) 13GP (1g-1a)
Tyler Murray (U of R, CIS) 4GP (0g-0a)
Jordan Reeve (U of R, CIS) 14GP (1a)
Casey Dion (Wisconsin-Superior, NCAA III) 13GP (2g)
Colton Kennedy (Wisconsin-Superior) 7GP (1g-1a)
Kale Dolinski (Minot State, ACHA) 17GP (18g-28a-46p)

Melville Fox FM Prairie Fire
Jessica Campbell (Cornell, NCAA Div I) 13GP (7g-8a-15p)

Swan Valley Stampeders
Ian Lowe (Bemidji, NCAA Div I) 16GP (8g-6a)
Stephan Vigier (Northern Michigan, NCAA Div 1) 18GP (0g-7a)
Ryan Griffiths (Minnesota-St. Mary's, NCAA Div III) 5GP (0g-0a)
Craig Cornelson (Briercrest, ACAC) 16GP (5g-9a)
Justin Giesbrecht (Briercrest, ACAC) 13GP (4g-3a)
Dustin Kimber (UBC, CIS) 12GP (3g-0a)

Wayway Wolverines
Jason Bowles (Manhattanville, NCAA Div III) 11GP (3g-3a)
Sean Collins (Cornell, NCAA Div I) 11GP (1g-4a)
Riley Riddell (St. Scholastica, NCAA Div III) 13GP (5g-12a-17p)
Carter Davis (St. Scholastica) 13GP (5g-6a-11p)
Paul Marcoux (St. Scholastica) 13GP (3g-3a)
Cody Danychuk (St. Scholastica) 6GP (1g)
Brendan Bradbury (St. Scholastica) 6GP (1a)


Anonymous said...

Yes you did forget the kid that came from the sunny west coast to play in the frozen lands of saskatchewan and plays for the Neumann Knights and is having a pretty good season...just a reminder...

Craig Stein said...

Haha I thought of him while putting this together, just forgot to look him up for whatever reason. He's there now!

Anonymous said...

yep still there, I follow him regularly as well as the Terriers....still


Craig Stein said...

Sorry, just meant that he's been added to my post. Neumann asst coach mark agnew is buddies with trent cassan and he said they're really impressed with Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Craig, I know you cant get everybody, but in the case of the Terriers they came to the rescue and did a great job in helping Jordan out in what looked like a dismal situation and his career was going to come to a dissapointing halt. Thanks to the Organization and Coaches, billets and fans..he was able to continue with hockey and work on his education...partly because he was willing to take a chance and head east, alot of west coast hockey players shun at the thought of heading there..but he just wanted to play... its called heart..We will continue to support even from here...Thanks again