Monday, December 13, 2010

Shocking News From Kindersley


The Kindersley Junior Klippers hockey club and Larry Wintoneak have reached a mutual agreement whereby Larry Wintoneak will step down as Head Coach/ Director of Hockey Operations as of December 13, 2010.

The Klippers would like to thank Larry for his four plus years of dedicated service.

The Kindersley Junior Klippers further announce that Rockie Zinger has been appointed interim Head Coach.


I'm 5 hours from Kindersley, but this is surprising to me. Most people in SJHL circles felt the Klippers would be serious contenders this year, and maybe the board felt they've under-achieved. But, they're still very much in the hunt and just got Andrew Dommett back.

Again, I won't speculate, I'm not close to the situation at all. But Larry was always accommodating and good to me, and I wish him the best.


Anonymous said...

there are several coaches of the Wintoneak mold still in junior hockey. glad to see that organizations are starting to show more respect for the players and get rid of them. Cassan is an an example of what a junior coach should be and look at the success the Terriers are having since he took over. A coach doesnt have to be like to Wintoneak to be successful.

Anonymous said...

I dont think I have ever seen Trent upset even after losses. I suppose it happens behind closed doors but Trent is a very "classy" guy and Yorkton is lucky to have him. Its obvious the Terrier players want to play for him. I dont see this happening in Kindersley though with Zinger even though that team has alot of talent.