Friday, October 29, 2010

Wanna Go To The Riders' Regular Season Finale?

NO... I'm not jumping off the wagon... just happens I can't go to Saturday's (Nov/6) regular season finale against Edmonton.

I believe these tickets' face value is $48/each... I'd gladly take $50 for the pair. Seats are in Section 202, at roughly the 15 or 20 yard line on the West Side, closest to the MaxTron screen. They're on the second deck, but low on the second deck. Not TOO high, but high enough that being inside the 20 isn't an issue, you can see the other end just fine.

Interested? Post in the comments section or email me at If multiple people want them, well, we'll have a bidding war! Just kidding, I'll likely go first come first serve. Local people if possible, I'd rather you pick them up at the radio station than me having to mail them and get cash in the mail, and who knows if you'll get them in time. Meant to do this sooner!

I'll repost this in a couple days if there are no bites, or maybe go the eBay/Kijiji route. Just thought I'd give you loyal readers first crack!

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