Friday, December 4, 2009

Hounds Blank Terriers

31 shots, but the Yorkton Terriers were unable to beat Notre Dame's Matthew Smidt last night.

The Terriers lost 3-0 in Notre Dame, in what was the first of 3 times the Terriers will be in Wilcox over an 11-day span.

The game didn't come without controversy, as Notre Dame's Trevor Cameron beat Terrier goalie Luke Boechler through the five-hole, but the puck appeared to bounce out as if it hit the post. The goal stood, and made it 2-0 Hounds early in the third period.

Yorkton went 0/5 on the PP, which included a 1:18 5-on-3, and a 5 minute 5-on-4 in the third period.

Boechler made 16 saves in the loss.

The Terriers now get set to host Battleford tomorrow (SAT) night (the North Stars are in Melville tonight), before heading back to Notre Dame on Sunday (7:20/7:30 on GX94).

Tonight, we're on the air with the Swan Valley Stampeders in Portage. Catch all the action, starting at 7:20 with the Pre Game Show.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting to see if the terriers were going to put up a thank-you and best wishes to Danyluk, but i guess not, pretty classless by the whole organization. I listened to the game and it sounded ridiculous like they thought he was hurting the team. He is a very good kid and got treated unfairly in yorkton. Please post this comment

Craig Stein said...

I hope you're not referring to anything I said, I don't think I ever implied that. And on Eddie's Pre Game interview all he said was he's getting a fresh start and wishes him well.

I'm in the booth in portage right now and listening back to it.

I asked: Fresh start for Joel, and likely makes things easier on Boechler and Peters knowing they're the two going forward? (that would have been the case for whatever two were left... now they can focus on playing and not wondering what's happening.

Eddie: Hockey Canada makes the rules, you've gotta be down to 25 Dec 1st, and it just wasn't healthy to keep 3 goalies after that cut off. So we moved forward and tried to make it work for the individual and the team. You had Joel on the radio yesterday and he seems excited about going to La Ronge, and we're excited about getting Adam Moar.

Personally, I think all 3 goalies are capable starters, and Joel likely had the most value, having played in the Western League and his playoff performance vs Melville last yr. Nothing against any of the 3, but Eddie likely doesn't get a top-6 forward in return for a Jr A rookie in Boechler (although he's been great so far). And Peters won the #1 job last year and as a rookie and with his resume not as big as Joel's, possibly wouldn't have attracted as much of a trade return.

I agree Joel's a great kid and did a lot for the Terriers. I've been around Jr hockey for 5 years and he's one of, if not the friendliest kid I've talked to and has a great attitude.

Bottom line, he's happy to get a chance to start in LAR, and the Terriers still have 2 quality goalies, and a new forward to help with their offensive struggles.

Hope I didn't offend anyone on the air, and I posted what Ed said word for word and I don't think that should have been takent the wrong way.

Thanks for the comment.


Anonymous said...

I think the team, the organization and many others wish Joel well as they do any players that leave or graduate, I don't think we should expect any special recognition for him publicly, from the team or the organization, unfortunatly that is how things work at this level of sports of any kind, and I know Joel knows that, as do other athletes. Your interview with Eddy was fine.

Anonymous said...

I think people were probably meaning on the website I also listentened to the game and you are always excellent but it was mr. zawatsky who was disappointing. I think people are just probably upset that a hometown kid got traded who is definately capable of being there.

Anonymous said...

It is hard for people when it is a hometown kid but once you hit AAA Midget and in some cases for kids even in the minor hockey AA local kids are dropped for someone from out of town, I do not find it as hard to accept in Midget AAA and the SJHL because that is how things work , at minor hockey level I do not find it acceptable if you want to keep a good minor program running, at this level you leave it to the coach for decisions good and bad, he will take the flack for the bad and hopefully get a pat on the back for the good, all the goalies could have stayed but I think the two who gave a solid committment to stay were kept.

Anonymous said...

I know the three goalies are all about the same caliber, but not one of them can play two good games in a row. It is one good then one bad. If the Terriers could find a goalie that can play consitent it would be easy to decide. So it didn't really mattered which one they traded.

Anonymous said...

That may be because of the 3 rotating, maybe now there will be a number one goalie and that will improve