Monday, November 30, 2009


Monday morning, I still feel sick. Was Gainer the 13th man on the field?

Part of me is still proud, because the Riders weren't even supposed to keep it close. And they finished first for he first time in 33 years. Overall, a positive 2009 Rider season, but a kick in the stomach that won't go away until 2010.


The Yorkton Terriers are riding high following a 3-game winning streak on the road, which including 2 wins at the Showcase. All 3 wins were by a goal (3-2 SO in KIN, 4-3 over MVL, 3-2 over EST).

The Terrier Coach's Show is available to listen to... I couldn't post last week's shows from Tuesday on because I was gone.


Broadcasts this week....

Wednesday: Neepawa @ Swan Valley
Thursday: Yorkton @ Notre Dame
Friday: Swan Valley @ Portage
Sunday: Yorkton @ Notre Dame

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