Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, I thought I'd click my hit counter and see if anyone's still stopping by... and, to my surprise, anywhere from 50-100 of you still are each day... I assume by accident??!

Just figured I'd toss on a pic of my TWO little ones.  My wife and I, and Bailey welcomed our son, Kaiden John Stein on Tuesday, February 12th.  He was 6 lbs, 12 oz, 20 inches long.

His big sister will turn three in May, and she absolutely adores him.

If you're wondering, YES... I absolutely miss my old job... and I told you I would before I even left.  Playoffs are coming and I found myself looking at old playoff preview blogs tonight... I've definitely still got the itch, and probably always will.

But again, big picture, those two at the top of the screen are my whole world, and my career change has been very beneficial for them, and in turn, for me.  Before Kaiden was born, I had Bailey in the hospital one night, and had to take the next day off to stay home with her.  I would have been on a Kindersley/Battleford road swing had I still been at GX.  And now that we have a terrible two and an infant at home... I really don't know how my wife would do it, basically on her own for the next few months.

AND, I do enjoy what I do now too.  Definitely not the same rush or excitement every day, but it is a rush of a different kind, and I'm very much looking forward to DR Auto Extras Indoor Show at the Gallagher Centre Feb/23 - Mar/3.  It kicks off our trailer season, and will hopefully have me busy!

No disrescpect intended to any other team, but I'd say there's about a 95% chance that either Yorkton or Melville will play in the SJHL final.  They just really seem to be separated from the rest of the south right now.  Estevan could be a sleeper and they're tough to figure out.  Whoever comes out of the north will provide a stiff test, but the Mils or Terriers are absolutely in the mix to be heading to Nanaimo and even Summerside in the spring.  I'll be a little jealous but a lot excited for the players and coaching staff if it happens!

While spending more time at home, I've come to love the NHL again.  Purchased Centre Ice for the first time, haven't missed a Leafs' game, and am beyond pumped for Blue Jays baseball and CFL football.

Anyway, thought I'd check in!  Might do it again in another 8 or so months!



Anonymous said...

Hey Craig! What a coincidence, I have been on your blog in months, but happened upon it today. Congrats on your new family addition. It sounds like life is good for you - that's nice. Enjoy them while they're small, because as I'm sure you've been told more than once, the years whip by very, very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, in a heartbeat they are grown up. Just my guess, that little girl will take care of little brother. Fight like cats and dogs between them, but at the end of the day she'll fight for him when she has to. I always told our kids to choose their battles. But always defend a sibling.