Sunday, June 10, 2012


The career, and life change is now official.  I worked my last day at GX94 on Friday (June 8th), and spent a little time at DR Auto Extras the last couple Saturdays, before starting full time on Monday (June 11th).

I'm excited for the new challenge, and once again want to thank all those who I've been in contact with over the years, doing what I was doing.  Also a thanks to those who took time to comment, text, send letters, etc, with kind words and well-wishes... it means a lot.  I'll miss so much about covering sports on the air, and will always keep a keen interest in the local sports scene around here, and would love to get involved in some capacity again, whether it be volunteering, PA announcing, coaching (when my kid(s) get older!), or... just being a fan.

I did keep my Twitter account, but changed the name from @GX94Sports to @Steiners_Stall.  Expected to lose half my followers, but it's actually stayed pretty even (so far!).

I'm sure I'll get itchy fingers, especially when hockey gets back rolling, so I'll probably dabble with Twitter and the Blog when I feel like it... so check back when you please.  It also sounds like I'll be continuing my duties with the SJHL and Yorkton Terriers' websites, so it'll be nice to 'stay in the game' that way too.

Thanks again!


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Doug Schultz said...

Good luck in your future endeavors, you are a credit to your past profession, and will be very hard to replace. Thanks for all you did for the Mills!

Doug Schultz