Saturday, March 3, 2012


The OCN Blizzard were a crossbar away from what would have almost certainly been the fastest goal to start a series in MJHL Playoff history. Danil Kalashnikov rang one off the crossbar, MAYBE five seconds into the contest, and the Blizzard out skated and out-hit the Stamps at every turn through the first 10 minutes, but the Stamps weathered the early storm.

Jayson Argue stopped all 14 shots he faced in the opening period, and all 35 he faced on the night, as Swan beat OCN 2-0, to grab the early 1-0 series edge.

Argue made a pair of saves off T.J. Constant in that first period that were sensational.

Justin Valentino put the Stamps up 1-0 after one period, when he took a pass from Tony Partridge on a 2-on-1, and put a shot off the stick of Blizzard D Josh Elmes and by Matt Krahn.

After a scoreless second period, the Stampeders were short-handed late in the third, when Valentino was sprung on a breakaway. He was stopped, but defenseman Riley Hiebert followed up the play, and hammered a slapshot home from just outside the crease to make it 2-0.

Shots were 35-21 OCN on the night.

Game 2 goes tonight (SAT) in Swan River at 7:30.


The Yorkton Terriers drew first blood in the Highway 10 rivalry series.

Tyler Giebel scored twice including the empty netter, as the Terriers beat Melville 4-1.

Brent Struble and Riley Paterson each had a goal and an assist for Yorkton, who out-shot the Millionaires 45-20.

Warren Shymko earned the win, while Blake Voth was solid in a losing cause.

Ian McNulty scored Melville's only goal, while Jesse Mireau received a game ejection in the 2nd period.

Game 2 is tonight (SAT) in Melville. Catch the Pre Game Show at 7:00, Play by Play at 7:30 on GX94.


Anonymous said...

Mils looked lost the whole night, you can tell the injuries have frustrated that team. They need this next game or it could be a short series. Voth played well or the Terriers could have 7 or 8 on the board.

Dean said...

Any chance T.Thomspon plays in this series!

John said...

I agree that the Mils are hurting because of injuries but how long can that excuse be used??????? The team has enough depth on paper but it is not showing on ice. Oh and BTW GO TERRIERS GO!!!

Anonymous said...

John have you had any injuries on your team like the Mills did???? It is not a excuse... we almost lost two players for good this week and knowing Yorkton they would have been saying same excuse .... your turn will come do not worry series is ot over yet.'

John said...

To Anonymous (who apperantly does not have a anme)

Yes we have had our share of injuries during a playoff run. Last year both Peters and Boyer were two who could not play the first few games of the 1st round. And we have a couple of guys sitting off right now.

When you say our turn is coming are you saying that the Mils are going to delibertly try and injury some of the Terriers. I really hope that is not your wish or hope to happen. I have never wished for any player no matter what team they are on to be injured.

And besides the point I was trying to make, even though I am a Terriers Fan, is that the Mils have depth and the players should be able to step up and fill in for the injuries.

Clansman2112 said...

Game 3 will be a beaut tomorrow...can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I know they have that brand new arena.....but isn't it sad that there are more fans in Melville than in Yorkton. Yorkton is 3 times the size! Where is all of the Terrier support. Only way this can be justified if half the fans in Melville happened to be from Yorkton.

swkot said...

I might be wrong but I think Mills have had the bigger crowds the entire season as far as the highway 10 battle goes.

Anonymous said...

Yes any word on Thompson what's he out with? I have heard day to day from some people and up to a few weeks from others but nobody seems to know what's wrong with him.