Monday, March 12, 2012


The Millionaires are sending a fan bus to Weyburn for Game 1 of the SJHL Sherwood Conference Final.

The cost is $25, that includes your transportation.

Game tickets are on top of that, and adults are $14, Teens (13-18) are $9, and 12 and under are $5 for games in Weyburn.

So, less than $40 gets an adult to and from the game safely!

The bus will leave the East Side of the Horizon Credit Union Centre at 4:30 on Friday.

For tickets, contact Cecile at 728-3236... or Howard at 728-3989.


Lorne said...

Terrier fans if you are hungary for more hockey.Come & see the Triangle Senior hockey final between Bredenbury & Esterhazy.
Dates in Bredenbury are March16,18,24 & Esterhazy 17,23,25 all games start at 8pm except Sunday 18 at 7pm.

Anonymous said...

going to watch the Wings SWEEP the Mils instead of watching senior hockey. Wings have better offense, defense and goaltending. Should be easy series for them.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is $40 real cheap. Might need a second bus.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you must be from the Dog pound.. think the MILLS have a good chance...jealousy gets you no where...will see in the end.

Jack said...

Ya Lorne I guess the Terrier fans have no Terriers to watch - even when they did play your crowds should have been sell outs - your lucky so many Mills fans made the trip.

Anonymous said...

Condolences Terrier fans!
Mils over the Wings in 6.
Come to the HCUC for some of the best
playoff hockey youll see!
Its Melvilles turn.

Anonymous said...

Big talk from the Melville fans because they finally draw crowds with their new arena. If you built a new arena in Saltcoats they would fill it up for the first couple of years for sure. There has been pretty sad crowds in Melville when they played in their old tin quickly they forget. I think even through a lot of this season their new barn wasn't too full either...but who cares, because I'll just get slammed for this anyways. The truth hurts...and by the way, I'm not a bitter Terriers fan...just not a Mils fan!

Anonymous said...

Jeez people, time to move on. I'm all for any team in the SJ doing well, Yorkton and Melville both. It's great hockey and it's good that Melville is drawing more fans to games.

Anonymous said...

8:29 Poster, would you rather ride in a limo or a K car? Of course the people are going to come to the new rink! It's comfortable, it's bright and they sell beer! Oh, and the team is pretty good too!