Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here are the dates for the Sherwood Conference Semi-Final between the Yorkton Terriers and Melville Millionaires. I won't know which games will be on the air until we know what's up in the MJHL and those dates are set.

Game 1: Friday, March 2nd in Yorkton 7:30

Game 2: Saturday, March 3rd in Melville 7:30

Game 3: Monday, March 5th in Yorkton 7:30

Game 4: Wednesday, March 7th in Melville 7:30

Game 5: Friday, March 9th in Yorkton* 7:30

Game 6: Saturday, March 10th in Melville* 7:30

Game 7: Monday, March 12th in Yorkton* 7:30


Anonymous said...

The last time that Yorkton and Melville played, Melville took all the weekend dates and left Yorkton with the weekday games. Wondering why it changed this year! This would be the more fair way to do it going forward, when teams are this close.

Anonymous said...

you must be thinking about a different year. last time they met games 1 and 2 were friday and saturday with each team home team once and then mon and tuesday for games 3 and 4 with each team home for one of them as well. Seems about as fair as you can get. Just like the schedule now. If the series goes 6 games each team would get two weekend home games and 1 week day home game.
not sure what there is to complain about

Anonymous said...

they have always split the games between the two .... home and home..what is this guy talking about???


Anonymous said...

The games you are talking about were for the survivor series. Needed to play back to back to get done in time. He is talking best of seven series where game 1 was alaways Friday in Melville and game 2 Sunday in Yorkton. Game 3 was Tuesday in Melville and game 4 was Thursday in Yorkton. Game 5 was Saturday in Melville and Game 6 was Sunday in Yorkton. So, I don't see where Yorkton got any weekend games. So I have to agree with Anonymous 1.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? This years schedule is out...See you at the Rinks.