Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Under the "no-brainer" file, the Yorkton Terriers have given 2-year contract extensions to Head Coach Trent Cassan & General Manager Don Chesney, keeping the current regime in place until at least 2013-2014.

In the last two regular seasons, Cassan & Chesney have led the Terriers to a record of 67-36-13, a winning percentage of .634%. Cassan has also taken the Terriers to back-to-back Sherwood Conference Championships, and has a post-season mark of 24-13, having won 5 of the 7 playoff rounds he's coached in.

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Terrier President Lyle Walsh.

GM Don Chesney

Coach Trent Cassan

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Anonymous said...

Definetly proving they should be there. Trent is obviously a great coach so many of the boys this year have improved tremendously. They are quite young as a team so the next couple of years should be some great hockey to watch they are an exciting team to watch. Can't wait for the playoffs to start