Sunday, February 12, 2012


He played house league midget at 17, Junior 'B' at 18, and now, at the age of 19, Jeremy Johnson has become just the 5th Yorkton Terrier in the last 5 years to score 20 goals in a season.

Johnson scored goals 20 & 21, and added an assist on Sunday night, helping the Terriers come from behind and beat the La Ronge Ice Wolves 4-3 in overtime.

In 2007-2008, my first year at GX, Kyle Block led the Terriers with 19 goals. Rookie Torey Stott topped the team with 18 the following year.

Terriers With 20+ Goals Since 2007-2008
Jordan Menke: 20 (2009-2010)
Clarke Breitkreuz: 31 (2010-2011)
Robbie Ciolfi: 22 (2010-2011)
Zak Majkowski: 21 (2010-2011)
Jeremy Johnson: 21 (2011-2012)

There's a good chance Johnson won't be the only Terrier to hit the 20-goal plateau this season, although they are down to just 2 games remaining. Here's who at least has a shot at it:

Zak Majkowski: 19
Ryon Sookro: 18
Tyler Giebel: 18
Riley Paterson: 16

Brent Struble scored the overtime winner on Sunday, his 14th of the season.

The win puts Yorkton back to 3 points ahead of Melville for 2nd place, and home ice advantage in their playoff series.

The Terriers host La Ronge again on Wednesday, and finish the regular season Saturday in Notre Dame. Melville's home to La Ronge Tuesday, welcomes Humboldt on Friday, and finishes up next Tuesday at home against Notre Dame.


Murray said...

Zak Majkowski had 21 last season, as a rookie. You would add him to the list of 20-goalers.

Craig Stein said...

Ugh! Thanks haha.

Anonymous said...

I always knew that kid had it in him. Atta job kid.


Anonymous said...

Great job Jeremy! Congrats to you and your mullet!

Alex Gee

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Johnson is one of the nicest kids I have ever met as a hockey player in Yorkton. Good For Him! Great game last night too by both teams

Dylan Johnson said...

That's my brother!

Anonymous said...

Great job are one of those players that come to play every night. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

JJ is an all around good athlete...this all comes as no surprise to me. The kid hits bombs in ball, too.


Murray said...

I Agree, JJ is good people. Fun to watch, whether on the ice or the ball diamond. Full effort, all the time. Great season in the SJ, and for my money he's even more fun to watch on the ballfield. Baseballs go far when he grabs onto them with the bat. Keep it going.