Thursday, March 1, 2012

GX94 MJHL Playoff Preview: (3) Swan Valley Stampeders vs (2) OCN Blizzard

Stampeders (27-27-8) 62 points vs Blizzard (31-23-7) 69 points


Justin Valentino 62 GP (23g-31a-54p)
T.J. Fairall 62 GP (29g-23a-51p)
Kyle Smart 57 GP (21g-24a-54p) (36-18-16-34 w/ Swan)
Beau Taylor 58 GP (20g-20a-40p)
Tony Partridge 52 GP (10g-29a-39p)

In Goal
Jayson Argue: 23-17, 2.61 GAA, .923%, 1 SO
Alcide Grenier: 3-15, 4.54 GAA, .864%

Denis Restoule 55 GP (21g-24a-45p)
Jorden Iron 58 GP (18g-25a-43p)
Eric Pushka 60 GP (15g-26a-41p)
Guillaume Vallee 60 GP (18g-18a-36p)
Danil Kalashnikov 46 GP (15g-20a-35p)
T.J. Constant 42 GP (10g-24a-34p)

In Goal
Matt Krahn: 24-23, 2.84 GAA, .913%, 3 SO
Mitchell Backhouse: 6-8, 4.11 GAA, .874


Sep/17: 3-1 SWAN in SV
Sep/30: 1-0 OCN in OCN
Nov/13: 5-2 OCN in SV
Nov/23: 4-3 OCN in SV
Nov/30: 7-3 SWAN in OCN
Jan/18: 2-1 SWAN in OCN
Feb/8: 3-2 (OT) SWAN in SV
Feb/10: 3-2 (SO) OCN in OCN
Feb/22: 3-1 SWAN in SV

Swan 5-3-0-1
OCN 4-4-1-0
In Swan: SV 3-2 / OCN 2-2-1
In OCN: SV 2-1-0-1 / OCN 2-2

Goals 25-20 Swan


Jayson Argue vs OCN: 4-1, 1.40 GAA, .958% (only loss was 1-0)
Alcide Grenier vs OCN: 1-2-1, 2.91 GAA, .887%

Matt Krahn vs Swan: 3-2-1, 1.96 GAA, .934% 1SO
Ryan Delorme vs Swan: 1-2, 4.33 GAA, .877%

Stampeders vs OCN
Kyle Smart 4G-4A-8P
Dylan Reimer 4G-2A-6P
Sam Briscoe 2G-4A-6P
Tony Partridge 4G-1A-5P
Justin Valentino 2G-3A-5P
TJ Fairall 2G-3A-5P
Brendan Mitchell 5A
Beau Taylor 2G-2A-4P
Dylan Favell 1G-3A-4P
Ryan Elliot 1G-2A-3P
Riley Hiebert 1G-1A-2P
Peter Horecka 1G-1A-2P
Ryan Wigner 2A
Nick Lee 2A
Jeff Bartel 1G
Landon Peel 1A
Colton Magwood 1A
Dalton Reimer 1A
Anthony Nobili 1A
Garrett Legare 1A
Connor Pennell 1A
Clinton Pirio 1A

Blizzard vs Swan
Jorden Iron 2G-6A-8P
Guillaume Vallee 4G-3A-7P
Eric Pushka 1G-5A-6P
Denis Restoule 4A
TJ Constant 2G-1A-3P
Kirk Chief 2G-1A-3P
Luke Hannas 1G-2A-3P
Josh Elmes 1G-2A-3P
Mike Collins 2G
Danil Kalashnikov 1G-1A-2P
Colin Fay 2A
Darien Cardinal 2A
Kolton Baptiste 2A
Spencer Brennan 1G
Cody Zulyniak 1G
Michael Hay 1A
Brad Swampy 1G
Dallas Drysdale 1A
Jonah Coonishish-Coon 1A
Taylor Santorelli 1A


PP: 15.6% (11)
PK: 83.4 (2)


PP: 15.8% (9)
PK: 83.6% (1)

Two of the bottom three PP's, and the top two PK's... and it showed when they went head to head.

Head-to-Head Special Teams
Swan PP: 4/46 (8.7%)
OCN PP: 3/31 (9.7%)
Swan PK: 28/31 (90.3%)
OCN PK: 42/46 (91.3%)

Swan's PK kept OCN's PP off the board in 7/9 meetings. Swan's PP failed to score in 6/9 meetings. They each scored 2 PP goals in a game once. Another surprising stat is that Swan had 15 more powerplays in the season series than OCN.


Goals will be at a premium in this series. There's not one player on either team who finished the season with a point per game. That, and, the two goalies going head to head are arguably the best two at their position in the league. Argue and Krahn were both up for Goalie of the Year, and MVP, with Argue taking both honours. The head to head numbers between Argue & Krahn are staggering. When those two go head to head, the average amount of goals scored in a game was less than 4. Regardless who was in goal in the season series, the average score was 2.7 - 2.2 for Swan. Take out the 7-3 game, and it was 2.2 - 2.1 for Swan. This is a young Swan team with just three 20-year-olds, who are already getting valuable experience for next year. That said, they're playing great hockey of late, going 20-10-3 since November 30th, and they're 3-0-1 in their last 4 meetings with the Blizzard, and 2-0-1 in their last 3 trips to the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre. Along with (3) 20 year olds, the Stampeders carry (7) 19-year-olds, (10) 18-year-olds, and (3) 17-year-olds. OCN has a large number of '93's as well, but have a much bigger veteran presence. The Blizzard have (7) 20's, (6) 19's, (9) 18's, and one 17. The Blizzard will be without their leading scorer Restoule for Game 1 as he finishes serving a suspension.

Series Schedule
Fri/Mar/2: @ OCN 7:00 (GX94)
Sat/Mar/3: @ SV 7:30
Mon/Mar/5: @ OCN 7:00 (GX94)
Wed/Mar/7: @ SV 7:30
Fri/Mar/9: @ OCN 7:00 * if nec (GX94)
Sun/Mar/11: @ SV 7:30 * if nec (GX94)
Tue/Mar/13: @ OCN 7:00 * if nec (GX94)

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