Monday, January 23, 2012


(Pictures courtesy Dean Bakke) Neal Hughes is the Rider at the far left on the bottom, I'm right above his left shoulder. Weston Dressler front row far right. You may have heard of him.

The Riders came to town for some hockey action on Saturday night, taking on Yorkton Minor Football Coaches in a fundraiser. Some media members, myself included, suited up for the YMF team, and, we lost 10-3.

Personal highlights... a no-look spinorama back-hand pass tape to tape with Barry Sharpe infront of the net... losing my only faceoff to Weston Dressler, who just learned to skate... being a minus-2 (or maybe -3...). Felt good to get the skating legs back under me for one night. I tried using a one-piece composite stick which Terrie Trainer Riley Rice lent me, but after a couple shots in warmup, I quickly switched back to old woody. The John LeClair Sherwood 5030 Feather Lam... same one I used in my last game of midget in 2004. I can still fire a puck with that twig... not sure why these junior hot shots don't use them (HA!).

Getzlaf and Foord were their biggest ringers... we couldn't exactly keep up with them!

Here's some audio with Chris Getzlaf, Stu Foord and Weston Dressler... they took some time to talk with me and my teammate Jeff Schenberk from the Yorkton This Week.

Riders-Hockey by cstein14

My daughter really enjoyed the game..............

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Clansman2112 said...

Wasn't expecting as good as a game as I saw.

In 1989, after the Riders won the Grey Cup, the Riders and Bomber players had a Hockey game in the Agridome and it was a farce because almost none of the players could let alone skate than play Hockey.

I sort of expected to see that on Saturday night but was surprised by how good some of those guys played.