Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The Melville Millionaires host Flin Flon tonight, and the biggest question with the new additions, is where does everyone fit in, especially up front? Coach Jamie Fiesel fully expects this to change, with a pair of regulars out with injuries or sickness in Alex Elliot and Michael Sagen, but here's what Mils' fans can expect to see tonight.

Connor Bradshaw (91) - Sean Aschim (92) - Jesse Mireau (91)

Lucas Froese (92) - Ian McNulty (92) - Russell Trudeau (93)

Taylor Wasden (91) - Allen Kilback (94) - T.J. Reeve (94)

Connor Lowe-Wylde (92) - Michael Desjarlais (91) - Colin Mospanchuk (93)


Lorne said...

Is that true Michael Sagen WENT TO Kindersley heard that today at CKRM. For part of the futures.

Anonymous said...

where is Dustin Eberle notice Connor Bradshaw has number 21

Anonymous said...

Dustin was given the option to go play junior b in regina for the rest of the year, but word is as of right now he is calling this the end of the road for his hockey career.