Friday, January 20, 2012


This comes from Yorkton Terrier Chaplain John Anderson. John is also the Manager of the Best Western Hotel in Yorkton, and made a bet with one of his employees, devout Millionaires' fan Crystal Schultz, that the Terriers would win the Parks Cup and go further in the playoffs than the Mils last season.

A good picture to fire up the rivalry this weekend!

Any response Mils fans?


Anonymous said...

The only problem is that when he (John) lost the bet previously, he refused to wear the Mills Jersey.

John said...

I never lost a previous bet so I didn't need to wear a Mils Jersey. This was the first and only bet we made lol.


Crystal said...

that dont suit me what so ever!!! what i should have done is shown the mils logo that i have tattooed on my left leg!! hahaha