Monday, January 30, 2012


On January 28th 2012, the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League held its semi-annual Governor’s meeting.

The meeting was held in Melfort at the Canalta Hotel; opening remarks were provided by Regional Vice President Gary Hoffert of Canalta Hotels.

The Governors have made decisions that will create hockey opportunities for
young men from Saskatchewan in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League
for the years to come.

First,the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League’s maximum number of 20 year old
players for the 2012-13 season will be 8; previously it was 9. For the
2013-14 season the maximum number of 20 years olds will be 7.

Next, the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League will play 54 games starting in
the 2012-13 season. With this number of games, teams will play the
majority of their games on weekends. With the reduction of 20 year old
players, this will provide more opportunities for younger players in the

With the majority of the games to be scheduled for the weekends during the
season, the younger players will be able to focus on school during the
week and hockey practises.

Training camps will start on or after September 5th 2012 for all teams.

At the start of this season the Governors wanted to ensure that players
wanting to pursue opportunities at the NCAA level were being provided
those opportunities. This year the SJHL had an increase of over 100% of players writing SAT exams from the previous year.

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League wants to be the League that provides
hockey players options to all leagues, there have been several players
that have been called upon to play in the WHL during the season and
several that have been returned to the SJHL from the WHL to gain more
experience at a high level of hockey in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League has agreed upon 3 year contract and a
1 year option with Sher-wood to be the supplier of Equipment and

The Official Helmet Supplier will be Cascade Sports with the M11 the
Messier Project, the helmet appears to be the helmet that will protect
our players the best.

With today’s concerns around head injuries the Governors felt that the M11
was the best option to protect the players in the Saskatchewan Junior
Hockey League.

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League Annual Fall Showcase tournament will
be held in Melfort hosted by the Melfort Mustangs, over the December 14th 2012 weekend.
The Annual Hall of Fame Game will be hosted by the Estevan Bruins in the early fall, date to be announced.

As President of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, Bill Chow wants to
credit the Governors for having the ability to realize where changes
were needed and that they had the will to make the changes that will
benefit the young players coming into the league, and also the teams in
the league.

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is proud to be able to support hockey players in pursuing their goals in hockey.

For further comments or if you have questions please contact the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League President Bill Chow.


Anonymous said...

Less games by 4 not a fan camp starting later... not good..and the worst is less 20 years olds...they are usually what helps a team win a title.

Bryan said...

booo. not a fan of weekend games..

Anonymous said...

you know what less 20 years might not be so bad, look at the WHL, not many 20 years olds and a far superior league, it works there. Just more 20 year olds playing senior hockey.

Anonymous said...

Love love the weekend games..easier for families to go. Better crowds too.