Wednesday, December 28, 2011


FIIIINALLY a blog post! After a week off, I'm back at it, and up way too late with the alarm going off at 4:00AM this week, as I fill in doing morning news on GX94 until Friday.

A few tidbits for your late Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

- Team West lost 5-4 in overtime to Germany at the World Under-17's in Windsor on Wednesday night. Alex Forsberg led Team West with a pair of assists. Jamie Fiesel's the Head Coach, and they'll take on Team Pacific (BC/Alberta) in their first round robin game Thursday night.

- John Odgers is up with the Prince George Cougars in the WHL, and wasted no time scoring his first Western Hockey League goal, doing so in his first WHL game, a 3-1 win over Calgary on Wednesday.

- I'll be speaking with PG Cougars' Assistant GM and former Yorkton Terrier Coach Wade Klippenstein this morning, and running his interview during one or both of our Yorkton/Melville broadcasts this weekend.

- The 3rd Robin's Roundtable show of the season goes tonight in Melville. Neil Lamberty will fill in for Jamie Fiesel, Don Chesney will also be there, while Neil will bring captain Lee Christensen and goaltender Blake Voth with him. 6:30 - 7:00 from Robin's in Melville, and on GX94.

- Nathan Murray's brother Ryan and the rest of Team Canada are 2-0 (soon to be 3-0) at the World Juniors, after a 5-0 win over the Czech Republic. Canada meets Denmark Thursday night, after out-scoring Finland and the Czechs 13-1. The States also lost 4-1 to Finland, which gives Canada the inside track on top spot in their pool. They're a deep team without a true "superstar", but they're fun to watch.

- I'm excited to get the post-Christmas broadcast schedule underway! Yorkton @ Melville 7:30 on Friday... Melville @ Yorkton 2:00 on Sunday. After that it's Wayway @ Swan on Wednesday, Yorkton in Humboldt next Friday. Trade deadline's coming up quick!

- Gotta hit the hay. Talk to you from Robin's at 6:30!


Anonymous said...

The Mills will hopefully get some wins now and be on the right track....wonder who will fill in now that Parker left the team.

Anonymous said...

how come parker left????

Craig Stein said...

Going to school, U of S.

Anonymous said...

anyone have any idea's as to who might be leaving the team come draft day!!!for Melville. sorry :)