Thursday, December 8, 2011


For someone who's used to an alarm going off at 5:30, I can handle setting an alarm for 9:45 to make sure I'm at breakfast by 10:00.

While I probably won't sleep a wink on the bus tonight and get home at around 4:00 AM, this is the part of road trips where you bank some sleep.

I DID sleep until 9:45, had the usual breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns AND pancakes), and now you sit around and wait. It's the longest part of the day... sitting in a hotel, waiting for a night game. This is also where it helps being in Rosetown.... as the Terriers kill an hour and a half, or so, driving from here to North Battleford.

Last time the Terriers were here, they had a football game in the hotel parking lot. Today, it's pretty cold, so I don't think that's in a cards... but it sounds like a short walk around noon is the plan.

I think Pre Game meal is at 2:30 at the hotel, and shortly after that we'll be on our way, and the Terriers will take another crack at the league-leading North Stars.

They beat them 5-4 in shootout last time they were there, but lost to them 3-0 at home on Saturday.

The Stars have won 11 straight games, and my next post will focus on them.


Anonymous said...

thats alot of eating for a "radio guy"....unless you are practicing with them whle on the

Craig Stein said...

nope, i just pack on the pounds!

Anonymous said...

ahh but we all know your on the treadmill on those road trips!

Craig Stein said...

Yeeeesssss.... Treadmill.... *crickets*