Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This one comes your way somewhere between Rosetown and Kindersley. The sign says 83km so I better get punchin away.

Well, I think my lunch count is at 3 for today. Had a sandwich in Dafoe, a Panini at Tim Horton's Saskatoon (Yorkton Timmies should probably get these, they're phenomenal), and then Pre Game in Rosetown. Lasagna, chicken fingers and salads.

I eat way too much on the road, and unlike the players, I don't burn off the mountains of spaghetti and fettucini and any other shapes of noodles. But, gotta stock up during the day because supper's not till 10!

There was about an hour at the hotel between our meal, and leaving Rosetown at 4:15. I'm rooming with Assistant Coach Casey O'Brien. We've got two double beds this time. Before you draw your own conclusions, last time we stayed at that hotel, we had one double bed AND one pull-out coach. Guess who got the hide-a-bed.

Anyway, I didn't sleep or play Madden. Pulled out the stats and started highlighting.

A few nuggets I pulled out, that'll hopefully make the air tonight:

- The Terriers are 8-5-0-1 in road games (I exclude showcase games from home/away records), which is better than the pace they're on at home (7-6-0).

- At the West Central Events Centre, the Klippers are 5-7-1-1. Their trouble has come on the road, where they have 2 wins in 17 tries. Their last road win was Oct/30 in Melfort. Their last one before that? Opening night in Battleford, Sep/16.

- Tonight marks the first of 8 straight at home for the Klippers, and they open and close that stretch, both against the Terriers (Jan/7).

- The Klippers have a lot of 'home stands' and 'road swings.' Starting Oct/19 they had 4 at home, then 3 on the road, 4 at home, 6 on the road, 2 at home, 3 on the road, now 8 at home.

- The Klippers have lost 3 straight, but they've won their last 2 at home. Those 2 followed a 10 game slide, and has them with two wins in their last 15.

- Kindersley dealt their entire top line of 20 year olds, leading up to December 1st. They started by moving Jesse Mysiorek to Flin Flon, then shipped Jordon Hoffmann to Weyburn, and Taylor Duzan to Humboldt. All 3 were in the lineup the first two times the two teams met, a 4-3 Terriers OT win 4 weeks ago exactly, and a 6-3 Terrier win back in Yorkton. The only current roster player the Klippers got back in those deals was Trent Hermary, an year old forward from Weyburn.

- The Klippers also brought in G Brandon Stone from Estevan and he's helped bring their GAA down.

- The Terriers will become the league's final team to play their 30th game, and start the second half of the season tonight.

- In their first 29, they played 13 at home, 14 on the road, and 2 at the Showcase. As mentioned earlier, they went 7-6 at home, 8-5-0-1 on the road, and 0-2 at the SC.

- They were 10-7-0 against Sherwood Conference opponents, while they went 5-6-1 against the Bauer.

- In their remaining 29, they'll play 15 at home, 14 away. 16 against their own Conference, 13 against the other.
- 9 of those 16 against the Sherwood are against the two teams below .500 on the season, 5 against Notre Dame, 4 against Kindersley. Only 3 remaining games are against the top two teams, with Weyburn (2) and Estevan (1). They also have 4 remaining with Melville.

- Who leads the Terriers in powerplay assists? Keven Cann, with 7. Ryon Sookro has 7 Pp goals. No other Terrier has more than 3.

Wow, not even 5:00 and the sun's almost gone. Talk to you from Kindersley!

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