Sunday, December 18, 2011

MILS 2 @ WEYBURN 4 (Aaaand, a little controversy)

With 5 regulars out of the lineup, including three 20 year olds, the Melville Millionaires hung with the Sherwood Conference leaders for most of the game, but went on to lose their final game before the break, 4-2 to Weyburn.

After a scoreless first, the two teams traded goals twice in the second, before the Wings added two more in the third, including an empty-netter.

Michael Sagen (11) and Russell Trudeau (17) scored second period goals for the Millionaires, while Blake Voth stopped 26/29 shots.

The controversy.....

I didn't see the spear, but I saw Mils' defenseman Lee Christensen on all fours infront of the Melville net, and a few seconds later, Weyburn's Sam Williams scored on a backhand. Christensen immediately pleaded his case, and the referee went and talked to his linsemen, at least one of which must have seen Williams spear Christensen.

The ref then gave Williams (the same guy who scored) 4 minutes for spearing, but let the goal stand.

My first instinct was that since the spear was clearly before the goal, that the goal would be wiped out, but having never encoutered a play like that, with the penalty coming after the fact, just figured I didn't know the rule..... and that the goal stood, since the actual call wasn't made until after.

After the game, Mils' Coach/GM Jamie Fiesel says they clearly got it wrong. During Post Game Meal, Fiesel said the reason he didn't go ballistic at the time, was because he assumed the goal would be disallowed, and that they just hadn't taken it off the board.

Here's what he had to say...

Fiesel-Post-Wey-Dec18 by cstein14

There's nothing saying the Mils would have won if not for that call, but the fact is it was a one-goal game until they pulled their goalie. But, while they didn't score on Williams' double-minor, they did score shortly after on an ensuing powerplay, and the spearing call started a parade of Weyburn penalties.

When the race is so tight in the middle of the Sherwood, one can't help but ask 'what if.'

But, 'what is', is that the Mils hit the Christmas break at 16-14-3-2, 37 points, 3 back of Yorkton, 4 behind Estevan, as they take some time off before taking on the Terriers December 30th and January 1st.


A tough way to head into the break for the Wayway Wolverines, who were up 4-1 in Portage, before surrendering 6 straight goals, in a 7-4 loss.

Ashley Howie scored a hat trick while Jean-Michel Naud had their other goal.

Andrew Wiebe led the Portage comeback, as the reigning MJHL Player of the Week scored 4 times.

Wayway hits the Christmas break in third spot in the MJHL Sherwood, but a game below .500, at 16-17-4. Their next action isn't until Wednesday, January 4th when they head to Swan Valley.


Anonymous said...

The Mils have alot of talent but they definately need a change. The players arent playing for these coaches.

Anonymous said...

Where was the comment about not playing for the coaches after the game Saturday. They lost another close game that had some ref interference. Must be the coaches fault. They have five regulars out the lineup and playing a forward short. Must be the coaches fault. They had a nine game unbeaten streak in November. who was coaching the team then.
You are just choosing to ignore all that and have not provided a good reason or proof that the players are not playing for the coaches

Anonymous said...

come on, EVERY team has injuries, every team gets screwed by a referee now and then. Its part of the game. The Mils probably are in the top 3 or 4 in the league talent wise. Dont tell me about referees and injuries as excuses. I watch them play alot and they are NOT playing, period! I believe earlier in the year Melville went to Weyburn with 16 or 17 skaters? Whats up with that. You dont compete in the SJHL with 16 or 17 skaters. Whos fault was that? Im pretty sure Melville has some Harvest players as well as Junior B players. Where were they?

Craig Stein said...

Anonymous #2: BINGGG-OOOOO

Anonymous #3: The Millionaires have called up anywhere from one to three Junior 'B' players for I don't know how long (Crow, Lemaire, Badduke).

No team's deep enough to deal with that many injuries at once and keep winning. Except Flin Flon it seems... they've been without Storzuk and Young for a while and are still finding offense.