Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Part of my plan for the Yorkton Terriers' Kindersley/Battleford swing this Wednesday/Thursday is to include a detailed... (I don't wanna say diary because that's a girly word... Journal?) of the trip.

Former Battlefords North Stars Voice Dan O'Connor did it a couple times, and I know it had good reviews. I've planed to do it, but never have!

Click here for an example of what Dan did.

It'll just be a one time thing... I might appear as a stalker if I did it every trip!

I thought it'd be neat for fans/parents who don't travel with the team, to see what a road trip's like, where/when/what the guys eat, what game day routines are like before the rink and at the rink, etc. Probably complete with pictures.

And, I'll only do it if you're interested (and so far it looks like you are). Cast your vote in the top right corner!

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Anonymous said...

awesome job Craig, always fun reading your blogs!