Friday, November 4, 2011


The Melville Millionaires have traded away a pair of three-year vets.

20-year-old forward Mark Owen and 18-year-old goalie Zach Rakochy are heading to the MJHL's Steinbach Pistons, in exchange for 18-year-old forward Russell Trudeau.

Owen was off to a good start to his 20-year-old season, putting up 15 points (8g-7a) in 15 games.

Owen talks about leaving Melville, getting closer to home

Mark-owen by cstein14

Rakochy had only appeared in one game since returning from the WHL's Spokane Chiefs, and the play of fellow '93 goaltender Alex Wakaluk was the biggest reason for Rakochy being moved.

In Trudeau, the Mils get younger, but he can likely fit the same top-six role that open filled. In 58 games as a 17-year-old in Steinbach last season, Trudeau put up 26g-26a-52p.


Anonymous said...

This is a bit of a head scratcher... seems to me that a player of Owens calibre and Zach Rakochy would be worth more than an 18 year old forward. Not saying Trudeau was a bad choice though...just think they'd be worth more.

Anonymous said...

Like everybody has been saying it seems like an overpayment. especially since fiesel has been saying this is the year and too trade a 20year for a guy with 4 goals. I would think wakaluk and rakochy would serve us better than wakaluk and sirard. my opinion

I guess we will have to wait to hear fiesels side of things

Anonymous said...

We get one player in exchange for two of our top players come on coach wth are u doing??

Anonymous said...

There has to be more to this... I hope Feez has a good plan.

Anonymous said...

Is there cash or what? Talk about pressure being traded for these two established SJHL players. I wonder what Fiesel's plan is hear. I'm betting that he know there is goal scoring coming from the dub.

Anonymous said...

Sean Aschim?