Monday, November 21, 2011

From The Yorkton Medi-Clinic

- I read the morning sports until 8:00 today, and that was enough. Plugged sinuses, sore throat, now a cough that's making a sore throat worse, wrecking my voice. Feels like the one that left me on my couch for a week during playoffs my first season here. Randy Atkinson covered for me but I hated not calling the games.

- So the Clinic hours are 6:00 - 8:00, but I've seen enough people lining up ahead of time and figured I'd brave the cold and do the same. I successfully made it to the door first, and when they finally unlocked the door, I was so proud of myself that I walked right by the stack of numbers and pulled out my health card. Some girl grabbed #1, then the elderly lady I'd been chatting with outside took 2, and at least she was nice enough to say 'you didn't take a number.' Oh. So I got #3.

- I'm the kinda guy who would have given either of those gals the #1 card if they made the same honest mistake in front of me. Just sayin.


- Well that was quick. Outta there by 6:20. Got some nasal spray and was told to get some rest. See how I am Tuesday morning. Supposed to go to Regina for a PJHL Broadcast with Ochapowace.

- Rest is the big one. This all started after the OCN trip last week when it was about 5am before I crashed, and was up about 9:30. Felt like garbage ever since.

- Saturday was a special night, with 4 new members inducted into the SJHL Hall of Fame. I spoke with all four inductees after, Darrell Spelay, Gene Krepakevich, Gerry James and Terry Struthers. Spelay's goals and point totals are astounding. 243 goals and 451 points in 246 games. Records that will never, ever be touched. Gene has volunteered 45 years of service with the Terriers, dating back to the Senior Terriers in 1966. You'll still see him around selling 50/50's. What a selfless guy. Gerry James is a comic, and it's tough to know whether or not to take him seriously. I don't think you ever really have to, at least not now. But I could see him being an intimidating interview back in the day. Not anymore! And Terry, the man whose job I took over in October 2007, I've got nothing but respect for him and the job he did. 2000 games across Saskatchewan, and Manitoba for roughly half of his stint. I'm closing in on 400, so I've got a ways to go!

- The Terriers made the whole weekend a positive, by beating the Humboldt Broncos 4-1 on Friday. Tayler Thompson fit in nicely in his first game as a full time Terrier, and I thought Riley Paterson and Nathan Murray were fantastic. Zak Majkowski took a Mat Backhouse slapshot where the sun don't shine late in a 4-0 game. And Kale Thomson, all he does is win games. He's now 4-1 on the season, and he's only faced Humboldt (3) and Estevan (2), the two most potent offenses in the league.

- Melville's gone 7-0-1 since acquiring Russell Trudeau and Blake Voth, and getting Lee Christensen back in the lineup. I haven't seen ANY of those games! My broadcast schedule's in a big Mils dry spell right now. They'll be on the air a lot after Christmas.

- Wayway's hangin tough after those two losses in OCN. They scratched out a point in an OT loss to first place Dauphin, then beat the league-leading Winnipeg Blues 7-3 on Sunday, thanks to 6 third period goals.

- Swan Valley's having a tough November, currently without a win in 8 tries (0-6-2). They gave up 24 goals in 3 losses over the weekend, including 11 in Winkler. While it appears Alcide Grenier isn't getting a lot of help, with shot totals sometimes in the 50 range, there's no question the injured Jayson Argue is their MVP. If he's back soon, people shouldn't be writing these guys off, although they've got their work cut out for them, with the Addison Division looking poised to send 5 teams to the playoffs. But hey, the season's not yet half over!

- Speaking of half over, I plan on conducting my yearly 'halfway reports', when each of our teams hit the midway pole. That happens in early December for everyone.

- Tonight, the La Ronge Ice Wolves become the first SJHL team to hi the halfway point, and in doing so, they start a THIRTEEN (13) game home stand when they host Humboldt. That's insane! Look out for the two-time defending champs. Carre's back, Bob's wheelin' and dealin', and ya, they're at home for a month and a half! 11 of their last 16 after that are on the road, however.

- In the last few days, my Twitter followers were up to 298, then down to 295, back to 298, now 297. I think (or hope) it's spam followers who are leaving! Who's gonna get me to 300??? Come oooooooonnnn! @GX94sports

- Alright, shuteye time. Gotta be able to speak in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

We've missed you calling the Mils games!

Josh Lewis said...

You have an easier crowd than I have. I mentioned a cold on the blog last year and someone called me a p****. Haha. Get better soon.