Sunday, October 16, 2011


Mark Owen scored twice, including the game winner, as the Melville Millionaires beat the Kindersley Klippers 4-2 at the Showcase on Sunday.

One night after a 5-4 loss to Humboldt, the Mils left Estevan with a Showcase Split.

Along with Owen's 7th and 8th of the season, rookie Allen Kilback added his 2nd, as did Roger Tagoona.

Ian McNulty and Michael Sagen had 2 assists each, and Alex Wakaluk made 30/32 saves, improving his personal mark to 5-1-2.


The Yorkton Terriers returned from the Showcase empty handed, after a close 3-2 loss to the host Estevan Bruins Sunday afternoon.

Zak Majkowski and Brent Struble did the scoring.

Warren Shymko returned to the crease, after missing over a week due to injury, and stopped 29/32 shots.


The Wayway Wolverines, like every other team Winkler's faced so far, had no answer for the unbeaten Flyers.

Winkler improved to 11-0 on the season, beating the Wolverines 5-2 on Sunday.

Curtis Veitch and Shane Goodrunning scored for the Wolverines.


Craig Stein said...

To the anonymous person who posts jibberish after every Terrier loss... I don't publish your comments if you haven't figured that out yet. Feel free to keep trying, it's entertainment value for me, but I'm the only one who sees it, so why waste your time??

Anonymous said...

Right on Craig!

Bryan said...

giddy up craig

Anonymous said...

well what the truth hurts.let me see when they lose two laronge,lose two to melville and two at the showcase. it just tell me that they are not playing like a team that went to the league finals the last two years.they went from begin a team in first to now begin fourth place.maybe if they start playing better hockey i will not put them down.

Craig Stein said...

I don't not publish your comments because you criticize. It's because you make very little sense and your sentences are difficult to read.

And guess what happens the year after you go to the final (or last two finals)... you generally struggle, because you lose a high number of vets. And they're not exactly struggling. They're within striking of top spot, like all of the top five teams are right now.

Anonymous said...

Word from Greg Drinnan's blog says Tyler Geibel is on the way to the Terriers from Everett Sivertips.

Craig Stein said...

Thanks for the info, I was keeping an eye on him, noticed he wasn't playing a lot. It's not for sure that he's coming yet though. Should know in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Craig, you are right not to waste time publishing that guys comments! He's the clown from last year who can't spell or use proper English! He trashed the Terriers last year even when they did so well. A total waste of time responding to that fool!