Monday, August 29, 2011

Stamps Intra-Squad Summary

Team Black beat Team White 4-1 at Sunday's Swan Valley Stampeders' Intra-Squad Game. Returning defenseman Ryan Wigner led Team Black with three assists, while local goaltender Jordan Liske (95) shutout Team White for half the game.

Tony Partridge (Jordan Greig)
Bo Sigurdson (Anthony Golio, Ryan Wigner)
Josh Schwint (Ryan Wigner, Jordan Greig)
B.J. Avery (Ryan Wigner) (EN)

Jordan Liske 0 GA
Dylan Wells 1 GA

Eric Antonchuk (Jeremy Shackleton, Connor Beauchemin)

Travis Gibson 1 GA
Connor Darowski 2 GA

35 guys left in camp as of Monday. The Stampeders travel to Dauphin Tuesday for their first Pre Season game, and host Dauphin on Wednesday.

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