Thursday, August 11, 2011


A message from Yorkton Harvest President Garth Simms...

It's a hot summer August day and hockey season is upon us! Go figure. Harvest fall camp starts with registration Friday at 11pm. Approx 75 recruits will be on the ice Friday nite, Saturday morning and evening and an intersquad Sunday @1pm.Hope to see you at the Gallagher Centre sometime! If you at GX and your friends at the Fox can give us a little boost again it would be appreciated. I still need 8 billets. I can be contacted @783-0789 or 641-6200. As always we really appreciate your help.

Garth Simms, President
Yorkton Harvest AAA Hockey


Anonymous said...

Hey Craig, do you know when the Terriers will be holding their camp and all that? Just curious!


Craig Stein said...

Terrier Camp starts September 2nd and goes over the long weekend. Pre Season starts for them Sep/5, at home against Melville.

Their golf tournament is Aug 25, season ticket blitz Aug 26.