Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camp Billets Needed

The Melville Millionaires and Yorkton Terriers could both use more billets for training camp, and in Melville's case, they're still a little short of permanent billets.

Mils' Coach Jamie Fiesel stressed the need on today's Coach's Show.


The Millionaires' roster could vastly change depending on what happens at WHL Camps. Potential Millionaires with Western League teams include:

1992 F Sean Aschim (Moose Jaw)

1993 G Zach Rakochy (Spokane)

1994 D Devan Fafard (Saskatoon)

1994 D Jeff Hubic (Kootenay)

1994 F Levi Cable (Kootenay)

1994 F Calder Brooks (Calgary)

1994 F Allen Killback (Medicine Hat)

1993 F Colin Mospanchuk (Victoria)

1995 D Colby Williams (Regina)


Anonymous said...

Damon Severson as well.

Craig Stein said...

Uhhhh, I don't the Mils will ever see him. Haha

Anonymous said...

no big deal he is not coming here.

Craig Stein said...

No disrespect intended to the first commenter... i just mean he's really, really good. Like early-mid rounds at the NHL Draft good.

Anonymous said...

Hey craig....mils at the c-plex or the stadium.....i havent heard much about the new rink lately...

Anonymous said...

camp at stadium. Craig your list does not include Sagan who is at Pats camp or does Jamie not expect him back.
Also Saskatoon is down to 8 defenseman and Fafard is one of them so unless the blades make a move i would not expect him anytime soon in Melville.

Craig Stein said...

Yeah Sagen should be on the list... he could be back. I don't they really expected to see Fafard, at least not at the start of the year.

And yes, Camp and Pre-Season at the Stadium. Opening up at the new barn October 1st... I would assume (hope) a practice or two over there before that!

@johnnyneibs said...

cable is ripping up camp in kootenay right now, would be suprised if he doesnt make our team. 8-3 loss his morning, cable had a goal and 2 assists

Craig Stein said...

Whatever Johnny you're just a Mils' hater! Haha.

Yeah... Levi's a player... wouldn't be shocked if he sticks.

What was your +/- in the 8-3 loss? ;)

Anonymous said...

Spokane down to three goalies. Rakochy still in camp so I imagine he will be there most of preseason at a minimum.

It appears Kilback and Mospanchuk have been released so should be in Melville soon

Anonymous said...

You know what, I HATE those damn Mils... But I love seeing SJHL talent succeed in the Dub and any other league they play in.

Congrats to those kids, and may they never come back to Melville! (Afterall, who would want to go to a team who will be getting crushed by their rival Terriers?)

Nothing like a good rivalry though, best of luck to both teams all season long, but hopefully Yorkton goes all the way!

Craig, relying on you this season bud! I can't attend games as I am now in England, but rest assured your voice will be filling my ears with SJHL play... And the ears of British people forced to listen to the most exciting sport in the world!