Friday, July 22, 2011

Crabtree Moves On

The Melville Millionaires Western Major Baseball team will play the rest of the regular season and playoffs without their usual Manager.

Michael Crabtree received an offer he couldn't refuse, to work as a Baseball and Football Assistant Coach at a High School close to his home in Amarillo, Texas. He pleaded to his new employer that he report after the Mils' season, but that wasn't an option, with football set to start.

Crabtree will be the Mils' biggest fan as they get set to head into the post season at the end of the month, and says the team is in good hands, with Assistant Coach Jacob Hall taking the reigns.

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Crabtree by cstein14


Anonymous said...

they call that "between a rock and hard place". If it was me I would have had thoughts about dumping the high school job but only thoughts.

Craig Stein said...

I think it's a no-brainer. He's married, the new job is close to home, more money. High School sports is a lot bigger in the states. A teacher can be fired based on the performance of the team they're coaching.

Anonymous said...

Texas high school head coaches, for the higher programs, can make 6 figure salaries and much higher even. Thats for football.

He made a good choice and we in Yorkton wish him well.