Monday, May 9, 2011

Breitkreuz/Ciolfi Join Humboldt's RBC Team

They were the two most consistent Yorkton Terriers in 2010/2011, and really, an obvious choice for the Humboldt Broncos to complete the deal for Justin Buzzeo and Jeremy Boyer.

Clarke Breitkreuz and Robbie Ciolfi are the newest members of the Humboldt Broncos, as Humboldt Coach/GM Dean Brockman was able to select two players off of Yorkton's roster as the "future considerations."

Breitkreuz and Ciolfi were the Terriers' top two scorers in the regular season (aside from the deadline pickups), and in the playoffs, and could very well lead what's sure to be a star-studded Humboldt team in scoring in the upcoming season as well.

Clarke Breitkreuz 2010/11
Regular Season: 51 GP 31g-37a-68p
Playoffs: 15 GP 7g-15a-22p
Total: 66 GP 38g-52a-90p

Robbie Ciolfi 2010/11
Regular Season: 47 GP 22g-30a-52p
Playoffs: 15 GP 14g-10a-24p
Total: 62 GP 36g-40a-76p

Would this deal hurt less if the Terriers picked up at least one more win in the playoffs and were SJHL Champs? For sure it would, but I hope everyone's not sounding the alarm bells today. I think you've got to admire Don Chesney for taking a risk, and trying to win it this year, knowing that Humboldt would be loading up for their RBC run. The safe thing would have been to stand pat, and be satisfied with being second place every year. And you know if the Terriers had lost to Kindersley, or lost to La Ronge in 5 games, everyone would be asking "why didn't you load up at the deadline?"

Without Ciolfi/Breitkreuz, I don't think the Terriers are THE favourite to win the Sherwood in 2011/2012, but I think they can definitely be a top three team, and with the experience that still remains from this past year's run, they can be a force again come playoff time.

These aren't line combo "projections" or anything... just a list of who can come back.

Odgers?? Dumais??
*Odgers could be WHL bound, Dumais might be used on defense.

Dumais?? F/D
*Not that any rookies are locks for making the team, but the Terriers are very high on the Norrish twins, Brady and Chase, from the Beardy's Blackhawks. Both will be 18 next season. And, don't forget about Vandane, Bourhis and Neibrandt in the WHL. Vandane likely did the most to help his cause to stay in the Western League, while Bourhis and Neibrandt weren't always in the lineup. The Terriers could certainly receive some help on the backend, if not this coming season, maybe the one after when all three of those names will be 20.

Kale Thomson??
*Thomson was a three year starter with the Yorkton Harvest and probably has the inside track on the backup position.

And who knows... maybe the Terriers find another Craig Eisenhut out in BC, or another Ciolfi in Alberta. The biggest question mark at this time of year is recruting. No one knows who'll find who where, and between Don Chesney, Trent Cassan and Gary Carson... connections are plenty across the country.

Best of luck, Clarke and Robbie! I look forward to doing games in Humboldt with both Yorkton & Melville in 2011/12, and seeing you both play in May!

Breitkreuz Comments

Terrier GM Don Chesney

Your thoughts, Terrier fans?


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the lack of comments, tells you how Terrier fans feel. Melville fans were quick to comment on the great players coming their way!!!
Personnally, I think the pressure is on to recruit some top end players because what was there for assets was mostly inherited from Zawatsky. Althought he same was said when Zawatsky took over from Chesny before.

Craig Stein said...

I dunno, I usually find that people are more likely to comment when they're upset, than when they're happy about something.

I'm a little surprised at the lack of reaction to the Yorkton deal on here. Lots of readers, just not a lot of comments.

Nancy said...

I think most people were already pretty sure what was going to happen. I'm still ok with the decision. Series againt La Ronge could have went either way obviously. It was an awesome run and we've still got some fab guys remaining. Everyone thought we paid too much last year and look how good we came out of that one.

Anonymous said...

As a Terrier fan, I am happy to see both organizations going for it when the chance arises. Both Ches and Feez are doing what they are paid for. That is looking for a championship. Look at Craig's list of returnees. This ain't Melfort or Nipawin; with a few moves Ches will have us contending again. The Mils look good. Feez just has to mold a winner!! However you might remember this time last year we were all marveling at how good the Estevan Bruins looked. Feez, don't pull a Biette.