Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's It Gonna Be?

We could be less than a month from knowing who's going from Yorkton to Humboldt (for Boyer/Buzzeo), and from Melfort to Melville (for Metz/Hanson) in two of the bigger future considerations deals I've covered.

That seems to be the new way of building contenders. Stock up now, pay later. As Bob Beatty told Joel Danyluk when he told him he was going to Estevan before this past season, "it's like a credit card, it's fun when you're racking it up, but it's never fun to pay it off."

Danyluk and Ben Findlay went from La Ronge to Estevan, to pay for the deal involving Liam Brennan and Colton MacPherson from a year ago. As we all know, the Ice Wolves still kept a good group intact, and successfully defended their championship.

There's no question the "paying off" will hurt a little more for the Terriers, after coming close to their ultimate goal, but coming one win short. I'm sure it'll hurt more still for Melfort, who lost in the Bauer Conference Final in 5 games to La Ronge, after adding Metz & Hanson to an already deep team.

A handful of teams "go for it" every year, while only one team can win.

I think Trent Cassan and Don Chesney did it right when they went into the dressing room and told their guys that Humboldt gets to select two roster players for next year as soon as the Boyer/Buzzeo deal was made. In this day and age, rumours travel like wildfire. Message Boards, Blogs, texting, etc. Someone from every team knows someone on every other team whether it be from minor hockey growing up, from "AAA" Midget, and every hockey player has a cell phone. While it could have been a distraction knowing 2 players are going to Humboldt, it's certainly better than not knowing and hearing different things.

Really, Terrier fans should be glad it's only two players going to Humboldt, when you consider it's THREE going from Melfort to Melville. As good as Metz/Hanson are, I think it's fair to say Boyer/Buzzeo are even better, offensively for sure, and Melville's getting an extra player in return. I also think Humboldt's 2 players could also be as impact, or more, than the 3 Melville will get.

There "may or may not" be a protected player on each roster... but for argument's sake... a few names that are likely in the conversation.

Yorkton to Humboldt
91 F Clarke Breitkreuz (31 goals, 68 points in 10/11)
91 F Robbie Ciolfi (52 points in 47 games)
91 F Brent Struble (55 points in 52 games)
92 F Zak Majkowski (21 goals)
91 F Riley Paterson (23 points, size, grit)
92 F Nathan Murray (18 points, size, grit)
93 D Devon McMullen (17 points)
92 D Davis Vandane (Spokane- WHL)
92 D Austin Bourhis (Prince Albert- WHL)
92 D John Niebrandt (Kootenay- WHL)
93 F Tayler Thompson (Prince George- WHL)

**First instinct has to be Breitkreuz and Ciolfi. Outside of Marc-Andre Carre, I'm not sure there's a better 1991-born forward in the SJHL than those two. Certainly guys like Drew George, Andrew Johnston and Blake Tatchell are right there with them. But Breitkreuz/Ciolfi were roommates, linemates, and had nothing but success together, and that success didn't stop in the playoffs, infact it probably increased... and that has to be something Dean Brockman's looking at. If they want to be bigger and stronger, maybe they look at a Paterson/Murray, or if they want guys for more than one year, maybe Majkowski/McMullen enter the picture, or maybe they take a gamble on one of those WHL defensemen. But the Broncos want to win NEXT YEAR, and they want players who are sure bets to be there.

I hate to say it, but I'd be shocked if Clarke Breitkreuz and Robbie Ciolfi aren't in Humboldt colours in 2011-2012, and I'll have a new favourite team in the Bauer again if they are!

Melfort to Melville
1991 F Jesse Mireau (35 goals, 67 points)
1992 F Sean Aschim (51 points in 51 games, 12 in 11 playoff games)
1991 F Adam Wihak (43 points in a depth role)
1991 D Lee Christensen (24 points)
1991 D Mitch Berg (23 points, WHL experience)
1992 D Carter Berg (5 pts in 14 games, WHL experience)
1991 G Jesse Ehnisz (2.47 GAA, .924%, 1 SO)

**I'm not sure Ehnisz is a more proven starter than either Zach Rakochy or Alex Sirard, but I think he was 4-and-0 against Melville this past season! I would think the most sure bet is Aschim. First off, they could get him for two years. He's listed as a centre, but I'm picturing him playing RW when I've seen him. The Mils need centremen, which is why they may have considered taking Wihak, a Regina product, over Mireau. Wihak's concussion problems could change that, and Mireau could be a 40-goal guy as a 20-year-old, and I see he's also listed as a C, but thought he was used more on LW. Christensen didn't have huge #'s, but I think he can be that puck-moving, powerplay type defenseman, which the Mils lacked and sorely need. I'm not sure you get one Berg brother to report without the other... so if Wihak's injuries are a problem... the logical new Millionaires in my mind would be: Aschim, Mireau, Christensen.

These deals can be completed as soon as May 9th, once the RBC Cup is over in Camrose. I don't see it taking as long as September 30th like the Yorkton/Winnipeg Blues deal did before (or during) this past season.


Anonymous said...

don' think Wihak would be a good idea. He has had a number of concussions and with the media hype on this, Wihak might be better to hang up the skates.

Anonymous said...

Whatever will be will be, the Terriers lost Clark B this year to Swan which was a huge dissappointment but the club carried on and did very well as did Clark, it was a great trade by the coaches to get the B boys and that is how this business works, whoever gets taken will be sad I am sure to leave an organization like the Terriers, but equally as glad for next season with a great organization like Humbolt

Mike Stackhouse said...

And, don't forget Melville already has Levi Cable in the trade too.

I think the Mils did deal some futures to Melfort in the trade to help even it out.

Anonymous said...

I think thats too high of a price to pay... Clarke Breitkreuz and Robbie Ciolfi are going to be a huge loss to the team.. For a team that didnt win anything, thats too much...

dlj0828 said...

Don Chesney isn't a rookie in this business, and I believe that he must have something up his sleeve that will be good for the Terrier organization! Think back a few years and remember what he built - a 2 time league champion team that went on to the RBC. Hopefully his moves replicate those of a world-class chess player.

The past 5 years have been challenging, with one of the most challenging being getting people back to the rink to watch first-class junior hockey. The past two seasons have gone a long way to repairing some of the damage in lost revenues due to loss of confidence and interest in junior hockey in Yorkton, whatever the reason. Kudos to the Executive and coaching staff for their dedication and good work on behalf of the boys and community.