Monday, April 11, 2011

Ducharme Gets Two Games

La Ronge forward Justin Ducharme has received a 2-game suspension for his hit on Terrier D Kurtis Decker in Sunday's Game 6.

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Liz said...

No bus pics yet? You're slipping Craig! LOL
Glad to see they put a suspension on Ducharme for the hit. Being a fan that watched on the webcasts we saw the replay a couple of times and that hit was so un-necessary. I was watching the SJHL site all day to see if they were going to call it and was frustrated to see so far that they hadn't. I believe the access guys said he was a repeat offender so it would have been nice to see a stiffer penalty in the event that they do happen to be the ones that move on.
Someone commented before and I agee that I too was happy to see the guys keep their cool here when they could have easily got a retaliation penalty from jumping in to defend Decker. Was Decker able to at least make the trip up with the team?

Craig Stein said...

Decker's on the bus.