Thursday, April 28, 2011

Couple Baby Pics

Haven't showed off our baby on the world wide web for a while. And since there's not a lot happening around here sports-wise... here are a couple recent snapshots!

Easter in Saskatoon. (Apr/24)

Playing outside. Finally it's warmin' up! (Apr/28)

One big positive about not being on the road with hockey right now is I'm spending a whole lot more time with this kid. She's really getting fun... crawling like crazy, really close to walking... and laughs at everything! My wife goes back to work on Monday, which will be tough on her... so it's 'Hello Daycare.' If I do it right though, I can usually be home shortly after reading my noon sports this time of year... so it'll be me and Bailey most afternoons.

She turns 1 on May 18th!

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