Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Morning

I still can't believe the Riders are going back to the Grey Cup. After last year's gut-wrenching finish, after a late-season 4 game losing streak this year, they found their stride again just in time, eliminating their three Western rivals in consecutive weeks from the regular season finale, to the Division Final. Riders and Alouettes Part Deux... this Sunday at 5:30. One thing I'm not buying though, is that the Riders WILL WIN, because they're SO motivated at how they lost it last year. After opening kickoff, it's just football, and like last week, the Green & White will be underdogs. Sure they CAN pull it off, but revenge will only get them so far... still need our patched-up secondary to cover Richardson, Watkins, Green, Cahoon, Bratton, etc, with the savviest vet of all tossing to them. Ain't gonna be easy.


Can you believe it?

The Yorkton Terriers are half done their regular season after tonight's game in Estevan. That means, time for my 'Halfway Report,' likely sometime tomorrow. I've done it the past couple or three years... it's basically just my half season analysis, and I'll pick a handful of award winners. I'm asking the fans for a little help with the poll in the top right corner of the page. Swan Valley's also through half their season after tomrrow's home game against Neepawa. Math's not always my strong suit, but incase you're wondering, SJHL teams are half done after 29 games, while MJHL teams play 31 games to get to the midway point.


Tonight's Terrier game in Estevan's on the air, and I'm pretty pumped that it is. Estevan's hot on Yorkton's heels with some games in hand, and this is the first time the Terriers have paid a visit to the Bruins, after welcoming them three times.

Has Bruins' goalie Joel Danyluk played his last game in Yorkton? I've got a feeling the answer is NO. What a playoff series that would be!


I'm sure some, or many of you have noticed random ads for Rolex Watches appearing in my posts, sometimes five or so in a row, which pushes my actual posts way, way down.

I've done some research as to why spam can occur on blogs, and it seems to be connected with Mobile Blogging. This started the day I got a Mobile account, which allows me to simply type 'emails' to my blog, and upload pictures. I absolutely love it, but it seems like spammers can access it easier that way... and it probably doesn't help that my Hotmail and Work emails always get littered with junk.

I don't want to disable Mobile posts, but I did change a setting, so now, this spam SHOULD just go to my 'drafts', rather than straight to the website. But at the same time, my mobile posts won't be 'instant' anymore either. Now I'll have to send my post, then sign into Blogger and hit Publish. No biggie. Just don't want you faithful readers forced to read Spam!!!


The Swan Valley Stampeders scored two goals in three games over the weekend (all losses), and are out of top spot in the Sherwood Division for the first time in a while. Portage is making a charge right now, sitting 11 games above .500, and are now a point up on Swan for top spot. Realistically, once OCN and Neepawa catch up to the Stamps in games played, Swan could be a 4th place team... BUT, they've got 9 of their last 11 games before Christmas on home ice, and plenty of them are against Portage, Neepawa & OCN... so they can still make a lot of hay over the next month.


The Washington Capitals have lost 5-0 twice in the last 5 nights, and both to bad teams, in Atlanta and (Brodeur-less) New Jersey.

Not good considering Nicklas Backstrom was my first round pick in Fantasy this year. Probably a reason why I'm 2-and-4!

NFL picks went good for me this week again though! After a dreadful 5/13 last week, I went 13/15 this week, and needed under 68 points in the Monday Nighter, and got 'er. Not sure what the big jackpot was this week, but usually in the $20 range.

Ugh, just learned it was a whopping $16 this week.


Okay, back to my real job... talk to you from Estevan tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I think the ALS might be fired up as well to win outright instead of it coming down to a penalty.