Sunday, November 21, 2010


(L-R, strategically placed with their mouthpiece CB's on the corners... Brandon Brouwer, Nik Lewis, Romby Bryant, and the biggest knucklehead in the league, Dwight 'DA' Anderson)

The Riders won another nail-biter to get back to the Grey Cup, 20-16 over the Calgary Stampeders, IN Calgary Sunday afternoon.

Between those 4 meatballs at the top, they either killed Stampeder drives or prolonged Rider drives, mostly on preventable penalties.

Anderson continually puts himself above the team... and after the Riders' late second quarter TD to go up 14-11, he runs over Weston Dressler 5 seconds after Cary Koch hauled in the beauty catch. Objectionable conduct, Calgary #33. That didn't bite them, although I thought Eddie Johnson could have and should have hit the endzone while kicking off from Rider 50, and a single point to end the first half... didn't happen. But Anderson stayed in the referee's ear after his penalty and continued to damage his, and the Stamps' reputation.

"You line up any one of their receivers against me one on one and I shut them down period and there ain't one of them better than me," said Anderson after the loss. WOW!

Lewis is the centre of attention, just ask him. And, on the Stampeders' first offensive series of the game, he punched Tad Kornegay in the head after a first down. Objectionable conduct, Calgary #82. Thanks Nik.

Bryant is a lot more soft-spoken than Lewis, but the fellow receiver, after a long gain on second down, flexed his muscles in James Patrick's face. Objectionable conduct, taunting, Calgary #83. A Burris fumble and a sack later, it'd 3rd and long, time to punt. They try a FG at the very least if not for Mr. Bryant.

Brandon Brouwner's a heck of a football player. He held the CFL's leading receiver Andy Fantuz to NO catches in back to back games... although THIS TIME, he got caught being a little over-aggressive, once on Dressler, once on Fantuz, right at the goal line. Got called for illegal contact twice, which directly led to two Rider touchdowns.

If the Stamps avoid even ONE of those five penalties (aside from Anderson's being late in the half... there's a good chance they're going to the Grey Cup.


The Riders are!

And they'll face the Montreal Alouettes, a chance for redemption, in a week's time.

Thanks boys!


milsfan11 said...

ha ha ha! I love it Steiner!

Jon Keen said...

good work. My thoughts exactly. Selfish loudmouth players.

Anonymous said...

If you think the Riders are going to win the Grey Cup you better give your head a shake, did you not see how ticked off AC was after that game even after destroying the Argos.

Craig Stein said...

Oh, AC was ticked off? Geez, I didn't know that... Montrea's gonna win then!

Did I say the Riders ARE going to win? I'm sure you're a bomber fan who also chirped all week that the Riders would lose to Calgary by a landslide.

Man, I'm really worried about Calvillo being ticked off (actually he was crying, but same thing)... I wish you didn't tell me that Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

talk about spelling issues! The CFL aint worth chirping about.

Craig Stein said...

But you're doing it anonymous!