Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shymko & Rakochy Post 1st SJHL Shutouts

Warren Shymko stopped all 23 shots he faced for his first SJHL shutout, as the Yorkton Terriers beat the Notre Dame Hounds 3-0 last night.

Zak Majkowski, Craig Eisenhut and Brent Struble scored for the Terriers, who closed out a 9 game stretch of road games with a 6-and-3 record, and remain atop the SJHL Sherwood with a record of 13-7-3.

The Terriers now play 7 of their next 9 games on home ice, including two games at Farrell Agencies Arena this weekend.... with Joel Danyluk and the Estevan Bruins in town on Friday, and Notre Dame coming in on Saturday.


Zach Rakochy picked up his first SJHL shutout the same night as Shymko. The Canora, SK product stopped 35 Weyburn shots, and the Melville Millionaires won their 4th straight game, 2-0 over the Red Wings.

Dane Bonish and Justin Hollinger scored for the Millionaires, who take off for a three game swing to Kindersley-Battleford-Kindersley starting tomorrow (THU).


Anonymous said...

Hey Craig, whats the word on McDonell?

Anonymous said...

any info on dawson guhle being reassigned to the Melville millionaires

Craig Stein said...

Anonymous #1: McDonell is working out some personal things right now, not hockey-related. Chez told me to say exactly what's up, so rumours don't start, but I don't think it's my place to do so.

Anonymous #2: Camrose plucked Guhle (he's an Alberta kid). Mils don't expect to see him now.

milsfan11 said...

Mils get "Plucked over" ? lol

Anonymous said...

RE:McDonell - And that's why I read your blog... Just because a reporter has info on a player doesn't mean he HAS to report it. Nor to do fans really NEED to know. Life will all work itself out.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why everyone feels they need to know why someone takes time off, why not accept someones peronel affairs as personal, if it was hockey related they would know, as for rumors people will always make up rumors, a coach especially should know that shame on Fiesel

Craig Stein said...

I agree with the last 2 comments, but what do you mean by 'shame on Fiesel?'

Craig Stein said...

I assume you mean Chesney, if you're refering to my first comment. Chez just said it's better to tell the truth than to keep secrets and have people assume things that aren't true and that are worse than the actual truth.

Rumours have ranged from Rylan not getting along with Breitkreuz, to not getting along with Coach Trent Cassan. I can assure you both of those couldn't be further from the truth.

It might be different if someone asked me in person, and only because management gave the OK... but I'm not comfortable putting info out there on a blog that hundreds of people per day could view that could offend someone, especially when it's personal matters off the ice.

This isn't the NHL! I try to keep it hockey and keep it positive!