Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saints Back on the Air

Saturday afternoon's 9-Man Football Provincial Semi-Final between the Yorkton Sacred Heart Saints and Delisle Rebels will be on GX94.

The Saints advanced to the final four thanks to a 33-14 win in Maple Creek on Saturday, another game that was heard on GX.

They were the only road team to win a Quarter-Final game in all of 9-Man and 6-Man football last week, and they're the only 9-Man team remaining who has lost a game this season. They lost their regular season finale in Lumsden, while Delisle went 7-0 in the regular season. The other semi features Lumsden up against Humboldt, in a battle of 6-0 clubs.

Saints' safety/kicker Robert Okeny explains why he was one of three dual athletes to skip last week's game in Maple Creek, to play in the Provincial 2A Gold Medal Soccer game in Regina on Saturday.

"I picked soccer because I'm the team captain, and I thought if I wasn't there, I'd be letting my whole team down. I also knew Evan Hardy had a good team, because they beat us 3-2 at Regionals, and I was confident that our football team could pull off a win in Maple Creek. So I picked soccer, and as it turned out, I'm really glad I did."

Okeny scored the overtime winner, giving the Saints a 2-1 (OT) win over Evan Hardy, capturing Provincial Soccer Gold for Sacred Heart.

Now, Okeny, along with QB John Bell and WR Logan Coutts will be back on the football field this week, in preparation for the biggest football game in Sacred Heart history, this Saturday at home.

GX94's coverage begins with the Pre Game Show at 12:50.

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