Monday, November 29, 2010

My Take... For What It's Worth

- Well, this one was a LITTLE easier to take. There wasn't one bonehead call, play, or penalty that cost the Riders the 2010 Grey Cup, a 21-18 loss to Montreal. They were beaten by a better team, the CFL's top team in the last decade.

- Durant's interception finished it, but how would you have felt if Warren Kean lined up for a 40 yarder to tie? Would have been nice to have the chance, but the coaching staff proved they had little confidence in their place-kicking game. They opted to punt from 45 yards out TWICE in the first half, which I thought was a good call at the time, but when you lose by 3, you can't help but wonder.

- Play of the Game was Montreal's fake punt, on 3rd-and-2 from midfield. I had a feeling it was coming, and watching on a 52" High-Def, I noticed Duval's eyes shift to the right side of the formation before the snap. UGGGGGH! Special teams again. I lost my mind, and could FEEL the eyes of all the females in the room asking "what's his problem?"

- I really do take the Riders too seriously to be watching games in big crowds. I'm not sure I'll attend another Grey Cup party with them playing. No offense, but when it's mostly couples, that means ladies equal men, and the background coversation often drowned out the TV, even when the game was on.

- Bomber fans, your team went 4-and-14, and lost to Calgary's backups at home in the final week of the season, your 14th loss. You shouldn't be saying a word.

- There's only one champion and 7 losers in an 8 team league? Yes and no. I will take losing in the Grey Cup over missing the playoffs.

- 3-and-15 record all-time in the Grey Cup. Brutal, yes. But in my lifetime they're 2-and-3... I really don't care how many times they lost to the Toronto Varsity Blues in the 40's, or whenever.

- The Riders need one defensive lineman, and about 3 DB's to be a powerhouse. Omarr Morgan was banged up, and getting old, and that might have been his final shot. Donovan Alexander looked very out of place, and undersized trying to cover S.J. Green and Jamel Richardson. That group almost needs a total overhaul. Build around James Patrick. Chris McKenzie should be okay, but that's a position that needs to be shored up, or they'll have their struggles with Calgary and Montreal, teams with 4 or 5 top-end receivers.

- If Barrin Simpson's done... Jerrell Freeman should be the Riders' starting MLB next year.

- Luca, please be ready for opening week!

- Wes Cates had a great playoff run, but runningback years are like dog years... he's getting up there. Can he start for one more year? Or is that another position that needs to get younger.

- I would have zero objections to seeing Ken Miller back as Head Coach in 2011. Special Team Co-ordinator Jim Daly took more criticism than he deserved, but he might have to go. I don't think you can fault him so much on poor kick/punt return averages, but getting caught with your pants down on fake punts aren't acceptable. It happened once against the Bombers, twice against the Argos in the regular season, and of course the big one in the Grey Cup.

- Watch the video titled R-E-S-P-E-C-T on, and you'll find the Als are about as classy as the Calgary Stampeders!

- Their leader is the definition of class, though. Anthony Calvillo deserves everything he gets and then some. Here's hoping his cancer scare isn't as serious as it could be, and he pulls through his latest challenge. For his family, #1, but the CFL needs him, and more guys like him.


Anonymous said...

AC is the best player in the CFL BY FAR, he deserves this grey cup especially under the circumstances he was playing under. Experience wins again!
Wow Craig, Im glad you arent like this with the Terriers and Mils or they would be calling you Josh Lewis! lol

sjbuff said...

R-E-S-P-E-C-T? What a disgrace! Those clowns can't even win with a little class...

Anonymous said...

Craig, the biggest turning point was when the Riders declined the penalty just before Montreal ran the fake punt. Why not move the Al's back and make them have to earn the first down? All the Riders fans at the game were questioning that move by coach Miller.

Craig Stein said...

I thought of that too... but you put a team in a punt situation ahead of 2nd and long, 10 times out of 10. If it's 3rd and 1, instead of 3rd and 2, you likely decline for sure and make it 2nd and 12 or so... I guess it's a lot of respect for the Al's offense, knowing they could convert on 2nd & 12.

Anonymous said...

good point, 2 and 12 for the ALS is like 2 and 5 for most teams in the CFL especially with the 2 tower receivers they have. I probably would have made the same call. 3 and 2 is tough against a good Rider Defense.